Pastor Sleeps With Church Member As Wife Watches

Pastor Sleeps With Church Member As Wife Watches
Pastor Sleeps With Church Member As Wife Watches

Pastor who slept with a woman in front of his wife has shocked the internet. She had heard that the pastor assisted people with a wide range of issues.

The woman came to see him in the hopes that he could assist her in finding work.

But instead, cow dung, sugar, and blue soap were stuffed into her anus.

Rather than praying for her to find work, the pastor informed her that she had womb cancer and needed to be treated right away.

Then he did something strange to her. That happened three years ago. The 30-year-old has been in excruciating pain since then.

Things had gotten so bad for her that she had no choice but to return to her hometown.

I thought my worries would go away when I approached the pastor after hearing he helped people with all kinds of problems. I expected him to pray for me to get a job, but he instead told me I had womb cancer and required immediate care.


The woman, who did not want to be identified, said the pastor gave her water to drink on the day the mixture was inserted in her buttocks.

However, she was unable to think clearly afterward.

It was like I was hypnotized when one of his assistants inserted that mixture in my butt.” even though it was extremely painful, she persisted and ignored my cries. The pastor told me to stop seeing my boyfriend after I bleeded for a week.


She claims she hasn’t been able to maintain a relationship since then, and she believes the pastor used juju on her.

She is not, however, the only one who has suffered. Another woman has made similar allegations against the pastor.

She expected the pastor to assist her in expressing her spiritual gift.

I’ve always known I’ve gotten a gift because I’ve had visions. But I never had the opportunity to go through training. I was referred to the pastor, who prophesied that my partner’s relationship would end and that I would need to be his second wife.

Second Woman

The 48-year-old woman was also given water to drink and described herself as being hypnotized.

I’d have strange dreams, and the pastor would be aware of them. My life has become a mess. After we were told not to be intimate, I split up with my boyfriend.

On the other hand, he intended to sleep with me and did so in front of his first wife in May of last year,” she said.

After drinking the holy water, I became drowsy, and it was only by grace that I was able to leave the church.

Another woman (43) said the pastor had a certain effect on her, but her car broke down every time they agreed to meet.

I also had weird dreams and the pastor would call in the morning to talk about them. It’s like he knew everything about his church members.

Third Woman

The pastor has since been charged with rape, and police are still taking statements from other victims.