Over 5,000 Trees Planted By The Kalama Community

Over 5,000 Trees Planted By The Kalama Community
Over 5,000 Trees Planted By The Kalama Community

Yesterday (28th February 2020), marked the Kalama Samburu county environmental day held at Waso Boys Secondary School.

Organisations, educational institutions and community members across the region graved the historic event. Locals should participate in environmental initiatives and increase conservation awareness.

It was an awesome experience seeing different teams come together on samburu county environmental day. The community will enjoy the lush green environment .

Approximately 6,000 seedlings got distributed. Most importantly, part of these tree seedlings were 4500 Hass avocados and other assorted fruits like passion fruits, mangoes,and guavas. Some of the avocado tree seedlings came from Dr Manu Chandaria Foundation.

Joining the list is World Wildlife Fund – The leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species. Other notable partners include Ms Debbie (a philathropist) , Ms Jespa , Mr Gilisho , Kalama conservancy ,Samburu County, Kenya Forest Service (KFS), County Ecosystem Conservator Mr. Charles Ochieng’ & This Is Laikipia.

Schools got plastic waste collection bin bags. In Nairobi,tonnes of collected waste will be recycled. The proceeds will be used in supporting education programs in the region.

New Generator

Debbie Ballet, who was not there, by way of her representative extended her hand of kindness. She provided cash money for a local youth group called Siuwo Supat to buy a water pump generator. The generator will avail water for proposed gardens from river Waso.

Kalama conservancy has challenged the schools and community members present. They need to establish gardens and produce crops that can do well in the environment.

A variety of plants, vegetables and fruits have proven to grow as seen in one of the school’s — Umoja Muehlbauer Academy.

The conservancy asserted that it is open to school initiatives. Schools ought to establish Wildlife clubs and work closely with the conservation community. This is to increase awareness and exposure through sponsorships for educational trips that

Kalama Education Forum

Kalama Education Forum – Head teachers in the school will run the kitty to meet the school’s developmental and organizational needs.

The Global Carbon Credit Climate Change Fund will fund this program beginning in June 2020. Kalama conservancy is one of the benefactors of the first Northern Rangelands Trust 14 member Carbon Credit Fund conservancies.

Special thanks to Kalama Conservancy Board and the Chairman Mr. David Lekooment for supporting and promoting the Green Agenda Initiative !

Endana plays host to the next tree planting exercise.