Aberdare Ranges Forest Conservation Program Kicks Off

Aberdare Ranges Forest Conservation Program Kicks Off
Aberdare Ranges Forest Conservation Program Kicks Off

Forest – Nyandarua County government has demonstrated its dedication to working with Kenya Forest Service (KFS) & Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to protect the Aberdare Forest.

MCA for Shamata ward, Hon. Milkah Wanjiru said they aim to plant well over 2 million trees in Aberdares Forest. The Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service & local government officials were present at the event.

Trees, grasslands and wetlands are critical. Conservation of the environment, reduces millions of tons of Carbon dioxide emitted annually and protects endangered species.

On top of that,she expressed concerns over environmental degradation in the forest occasioned by marijuana plantation.

Acting on a tip-off from members of the public, The County, KWS, KFS officials, team of police officers and members of the community policing group in Kangocho village raided the plantations within the Aberdare forest and uprooted hundreds of marijuana plants.

Aberdare Forest destroyers

The area MCA Honorable Gitau blames the issue of Marijuana on local police and the County Assembly. Fighting the menace involves enacting laws in the assembly according to Hon. Gitau.

Investigations have been under way to root out criminals in the region.

Even after initiating investigations, no suspects have been arrested. It appears that the law enforcement officers in this area lazy or probably sympathizers of marijuana farmers in the Aberdares forests.

MCA Gitau

The Member of County Assembly encourages security agencies to work together to ensure that no such activities thrive in the forest. The substance’s use has negatively impacted community development contributing to broken families and transforming young people into zombies.

Governor Kimemia’s administration conservation activities projected to increase from 22% to 30%. To accomplish this, the county government encourages participatory forest management in ensure community involvement in forest management in Nyandarua County.

Known Facts

The Aberdares are the third highest range of mountains in Kenya, reaching a summit of just over 4000m. This massive range is well known for its thick salient forests, and their prolific game.

These high altitude forests are broken by moorlands and plains, and through the abundant tree cover there are sensational views of the Rift Valley and the peak of Mt Kenya.

The forest is a hidden world of wildlife. The thick vegetation provides perfect cover for countless species. The Aberdares forest lies within the Aberdares range. Initially known as the sattima range.

The range has an average elevation of 3,500 meters (11,480 ft) and its located in Nyandarua County.