Lion Scare In Koibatek Stagnates Local Economy

Lion Scare In Koibatek Stagnates Local Economy
Lion Scare In Koibatek Stagnates Local Economy

A roaming male Lion has set permanent base at Koibatek Esageri Forest where it has not only eaten two donkeys, but two high profile Dairy cattle.

Last evening, the deafening roar from the Lion forced many locals within Esageri to as far as Sabatia to bolt their doors as early as 7pm ,in fear that the big cat may be making a stroll to find an evening snack .

This morning, the entire economy of Esageri and Sabatia was on stand still because in a region where Shamba System farming is the cog that drives the local economy, everyone can see the wisdom of staying away from the Forest ,or the flesh eater will turn one of them into an easy meal.

KWS must do something and remove the fear that is gripping my people.My people will starve to the Death because they are now forced to stay indoors from dawn to dusk’ local

MCA Musa Cheruiyot

The MCA said it is not good news that maize farms in the forests have been abandoned; and that monkeys are having a field day.

MCA Musa Cheruiyot in charge of Koibatek ward in Baringo County told KWS office in Nakuru said he will push for ugent compensation for all those who lost their cows and even donkeys .

Needless to say, even those who steal timber and brew Chang’aa in the forests have been forced to abandon their positions until KWS takes appropriate action, and capture the beast before he evolves to become an evil like his ancestors of the Tsavo.

According to Eunice Kiarie in charge of Wild Life Protection within Nakuru,the affected community in Koibatek must exercise restraint in a time when KWS is putting in place all the basic Logistics to capture the cat; before it can cause more harm to the communities around.

The Officer said KWS is on standby to deploy a team; immediately after the Lion’s precise location is determined with help of locals.She is requesting the Esageri communities to make urgent reports to KWS immediately they see the Lion.

KWS is also requesting locals within Esageri to desist from any behavior that may force the animal to became aggressive in self-defense.

Kiarie has provided 0775 680 213 as the 24 Hour Hotline to call by anyone who will see that Lion at Esageri.