Man Caught Having Sex With A Sheep

Man Caught Having Sex With A Sheep
Man Caught Having Sex With A Sheep

FAMILY shocked and traumatized to discover a man having sex with a sheep outside their home in Mukungugu village in Chuka , according to cops.

Mr Nicholas Karani Mbuba was interdicted on bestiality charges after a family from Chuka ,Tharaka Nithi county caught him assaulting their animal on their property on Sunday.

The 23-year-old man from Mukungugu village in Chuka, Tharaka-Nithi County was on Monday sent to prison to one-year imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to all charges.

Mr Nicholas Karani Mbuba left the judge and court audience astonished,after he meticulously confessed his strange sexual act.

While appearing before Senior Magistrate Mwanamkuu Sudi Mbuba, he acknowledged to the court that he was caught by villagers in the act on Sunday. However he claimed that he had sought forgiveness from the family whose sheep had been assaulted.

The court heard how Mr Mutegi Mugo, the owner of the sheep, found the animal missing from his other flock. Upon searching, he found the accused sweating on it in a nearby tea farm where he had assumed that the tea would offer him camouflage.

The court also heard that a piece of a used condom was recovered at the scene after the accused fled leaving the innocent sheep tied on a tea plant.

The court was further told how upon interrogation by the villagers, the accused confessed that it was not the first time he had had carnal knowledge of animals including goats, cow and even chicken belonging to his neighbours.

Mr Joseph Mutembei, a villager from Mukungugu village told the media outside the court that when the accused was cornered, he said that he started having sexual intercourse with domestic animals five years ago and that he has no desire for women.

This was not the first time for the accused to be found doing terrible acts with animals

Mr Joseph Mutembei,Chuka Resident

Meanwhile, villagers have condemned the act and blamed it to drug abuse and urged young people to refrain from bhang which they said is commonly smoked in the region.

It is not known if the sheep needed any veterinary treatment after the alleged sexual assault.