True Life Murderers That Were Inspired By Movies

True Life Murderers That Were Inspired By Movi
True Life Murderers That Were Inspired By Movi

When Nicholas Njoroge Warunge landed in Kenya late last year from Kansas City where he lived and worked, he probably looked forward to enjoying a quiet time with his family.

Sadly, that was not to be as he was murdered in the most vicious way you can imagine.

His two young sons and a farmhand were also not spared by the bloodthirsty murderers.

According to the Standard, the attackers likely gained access to Warunge’s home through the rear door.

Upon entry, they found Anne, his wife, probably preparing a snack in the kitchen before retiring to bed. They slit her throat.

According to Citizen, the cacophony of groans in the kitchen may have drawn the attention of the second victim, Maxwell, only 13 years old.

Killing Spree

He was overpowered along the corridor and your guess is as good as mine on what happened to the teenager; his body was found with deep cuts on the head and a slit throat.

The murderers then went to the bedroom of the other son, Christian and while he slept on his bed, they slit his throat. The murderers were not done.

Waruinge, who investigators believe was in the master bedroom upstairs at the time of the attack, made his way to the balcony and jumped down, perhaps trying to run for his life or call for help.

No Stone Left Unturned

However, the assailants, determined to finish the job, caught up with him and stabbed him over 30 times. The People Daily captures his murder more succinctly: “His stomach was dismembered.

“Finally, the murderers killed James Kinyanjui, a mason and a farmhand, in his house within the same compound, before dumping his body in a neighbor’s compound.

According to the DCI, Warunge’s 22-year-old son has been arrested in connection with the murder.

Murder Weapons

Simon Warunge, the main suspect in the murders of his relatives, took the detectives to the location where the homicide weapons had been disposed of.

The 22-year-old took the detectives to Mai Mahiu, where they find weapons and other main exhibits inside the pit latrine.

The crazy young man told the police that his killing inspiration came from the TV series ‘Killing Eve’ character Villanelle.