Governor Mike Sonko Hits Moses Kuria In A Bitter Fight

Governor Mike Sonko Hits Moses Kuria In A Bitter Fight
Governor Mike Sonko Hits Moses Kuria In A Bitter Fight

Governor Mike Sonko, the former Nairobi CEO has never been shy of expressing his views both verbally and physically. It is a behavior that is synonymous with the so called hustlers.

moses kuria is a deep state mole in tangatanga

Mike Sonko, Former Nairobi Governor

Do whatever it takes to get what you want or have things done your way. They operate in a world where one is either the prey or the predator. The streets have their own rules.

If you are not the prey then you must be the predator; feeding on fellow hustlers.

A storm is brewing in Deputy President William Ruto’s camp, after screenshots, audio clips and videos surfaced online, confirming internal fights that could split the camp.

Moses Kuria The Mole?

Screenshots in our possession, show former governor Sonko calling out Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria.

He says that Moses Kuria is a deep State mole whose work is to spy on them and the. report to interior PS, Karanja Kibicho and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Moses Kuria and Mike Sonko showdown started over the weekend when Moses attacked Sonko while addressing a congregation.

In his speech, the Gatundu South MP urged the Deputy President to stop giving Sonko a microphone to speak to people, and instead, take him to a Mental Hospital because he is suffering and requires urgent attention.

We were also fired, and we are still hurting just like you, but don’t Insult the President like that, have some decency while criticizing head of state.

Moses Kuria

Coded Message

Moses Kuria reaction to former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko Attacks on Uhuru Kenyatta is a clearly codded Message to DP Ruto.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Sunday, January 17 faulted Deputy President William Ruto over controversial remarks that former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has made in the recent past.

Kuria condemned the sensational remarks that Sonko has been making at rallies where he has accompanied the DP particularly those made against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In an apparent swipe at the deputy president, the Gatundu South MP indicated that those who were tagging along Sonko were to blame.

These sentiments did not sit well with Mike Sonko who has been hitting back at Moses Kuria.

Sonko has even advised the deputy president to expel Moses Kuria for spying on them.

Emerging Reports

Reports have emerged of the exclusion of Mt Kenya legislators in the grand political schemes of the deputy president William Ruto. According to our reliable sources, the deputy president has reduced his inner circle as the succession politics take shape.

The estranged deputy president has dropped all Kikuyus and Luhyas that enjoyed his kitchen and spared only Kalenjins whom he believes will deliver him to the house on the hill.

The deputy president has in recent days had to re-strategize after it became apparent that the hustler narrative was losing momentum and would be overtaken by time soon.

Once Close Allies

Key losers include Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa who since being ejected from the powerful position of the National Assembly Budget and Appropriation committee has received an ever growing distancing by his would be buddy the deputy president.

Ichungwa, sources intimate no longer accesses the deputy president directly as was the case. His physical condition has also deteriorated due to unmentioned reasons.

Ndindi Nyoro, Moses Kuria and Dennis Itumbi have also been cut off from the kitchen cabinet of the deputy president alongside the rather less lively women Representative.

The deputy president seems keen to play his cards from his chest, only having an inner circle of 10 members run the show away from the limelight.

More Sidelining

Dennis Itumbi is now said to be receiving messaging instructions from Emmanuel Talam.

The sidelining of the Mt Kenya region legislators was also extended to the newly formed UDA party with Kikuyus not having any positions in the party ranks.

This has further raised eyebrows although analysts say that that was expected from the deputy president who is tribal to a fault when it comes to his political schemes.