Is there Devil Worship (Illuminati) in Nanyuki?

Is there Devil Worship (Illuminati) in Nanyuki?
Is there Devil Worship (Illuminati) in Nanyuki?

Incidents of devil worship are on the rise in Kenya, with practitioners of the cult suspected of causing fatal accidents and other blood harvesting rituals.

Forget the story of Bishop Maina Njenga, the former Mungiki sect leader who is said to have died for three days and woken up in a coffin just before burial.

What you’re going to read will compel you to reevaluate your decision to live in Nanyuki Town in Thingithu and Likii estates.

In one event, an occupant of one of the two estates lived under the Indian ocean for three months, receiving lessons from the spirits.

He appeared to have been feeding on mud for the three months he supposedly spent under the water. He was given a ju-ju stick, a magician’s hat, and a lion’s fur ball for the devil worship practice.

Saved For Jesus

Before he gave up the dark side in a recent ceremony blessed by a local bishop, Kamau was one of the most successful landlord businessman.

Everyone used to be very envious of me. I had the devil’s power. Everything I touched turned into money. Lots of money. Now, I have denounced devil worshipping and turned back to God.

Kamau, former cultist

His devil god was a single deity that could be as readily associated with Allah or the Christian God, but that he now recognizes that he was praying and sacrificing to Satan.

He believed in the power he had and that he was chosen by god. When he slept, he had visions. But yes, I made money from it.

The center of the cult was his Bungalow. There every morning he would “practice,” meditate, pray and sacrifice a small chicken, always wearing his round, green cloth ‘power & money’ cap.

All this is now in the past.

Kamau said a dream in March called him to Christianity. The dream instructed him to abandon devil worship and turn to God.

He has given up offering sacrifices and chasing after riches, and sits at home to read the Bible with his wife and four children.

House Of Accidents

A few months after they entered into a serious relationship, Mary rented a bed sitter with her hubby in Likii.

Everything seemed good, and life in new rental housing was promising.

Little did the two love birds know what the house had in store for them.

The devil who had haunted this house was making preparations for another attack. A day after the Jamhuri festivities, her hubby took a boda boda home.

As the rider was approaching the diversion to Matanya at Trendz lounge, the worst happened.

The motorbike was involved in a head-on collision with a Toyota Probox transporting Miraa.

By God’s Grace

Mary’s hubby had been thrust into the windscreen, receiving severe injuries all over his body. The rider was reduced to pulp when he was pulled under the car. He died, sadly. Mary’s hubby has recovered, but is now disabled.

Later on, stories began to surface from residents that all the former tenants who had occupied this house had died in suspicious circumstances.

The first person to rent had committed suicide by ingestion of rat poison. Second occupant, was found hanging from the roof of the building. Third tenant, who was a boda boda rider, rammed into a concrete mixer, dying on the spot.

Those who witnessed the strange crash reported that the lane was clear and did not explain how the rider ended up ramming into a concrete mixer that was parked a few meters away from the main road.

Same plot with the similar events happening on different tenants at different times.

It is whispered that a devil worshiper is the plot owner. Therefore, to retain his wealth status, he offers human sacrifices to the devil.

Thingithu Spirits

Karanja, not his real name, says that the day he vacated the Thingithu’s house, his life changed drastically.

Like other civil servants, Karanja was transferred to Nanyuki to serve as a teacher in one of the local schools.

A friend of his suggested that he could find a house with a decent rental fee in Thingithu. More so, the proximity of the house to Nanyuki CBD made it a nice deal for Karanja.

He took his family to his new found paradise after living there for 2 months. All went smoothly before odd things began to happen in his two bedroom home.

They discovered at one point that somebody had cooked ugali overnight and left the dirty dishes on the table. Perhaps it was a hungry robber, Karanja thought, who had obtained entry to their house and cooked food, leaving left overs on the dinner table.

Two days passed without any paranormal activities at the house.

The White Clothed Floating Ghost

It’s on the third day that Karanja discovered that he was allegedly housing the devil in his house.

The family was gathered in the living room on this particular day watching their beloved ‘Maria’ TV show.

The living room bulb abruptly went off, throwing darkness into the room.

Karanja and his family saw a lady clad in a white robe floating around the room laughing.

I was extremely scared hence wetted my trousers. My wife screamed her lungs out prompting neighbors to come. The youngest child collapsed and we had to rush her to the hospital.


Our neighbor, James, came in to see what was going on. He saw us sweating and terrified as crazy. None of us were able to speak coherently. It was the last day of becoming a tenant in thingithu.

Neighbors kept them company till the dawn. The next morning, at 6 am, Karanja vacated the building.

The landlord is said to be a well-known devil worshipper.

Elephants Footsteps In The House

Agnes, not her actual name, moved from Nakuru to Nanyuki after her company failed to pick up.

Nanyuki seemed promising because it’s a small town that’s rising really fast. She leased an apartment in Thingithu.

Agnes could hear people talking and laughing at night in her apartment. Sometimes it could be the voice of a baby crying.

She managed to get the lights on every time she went to bed, but it didn’t ease the problem. Things got worse, particularly when she switched the lights on.

You could actually hear loud footsteps as if someone was pacing through the house from one part to the other. I was going to persuade my local church to come in and pray.


But as they arrived, something happened that made her leave the house without even taking any furniture. The lead pastor was hit by an invisible fist and kicked hard in the chest.

He cried as his nose bled, causing the other members of the prayer squad to run for their life. To this day, the priest has suffered chest pain and one eye is blind.

At this point, Agnes agreed that she had seen enough of Nanyuki. She left with nothing apart from the clothing she had put on. Stories began to emerge that the landlord is rumored to be a devil worshipper.

He has lost a lot of family members and relatives in unexplained circumstances.

One of his relatives was found dead, although the postmortem did not indicate the cause of his death. The cause of death was ruled out as unknown.

The Abandoned Home

Simon, recalls the events that happened when her mother’s business began to boom. Her mother purchased garments and shoes from Uganda and then sold them to Kenya.

Her mother’s business was not going well until she encountered a fellow businesswoman who introduced her to another nanyuki businessman.

After the meeting took place, Simon’s mother began receiving more offers and customers were practically battling for her merchandise. There was more demand than supply. The business had been successful.

I still can’t believe she died at the peak of her business life.


Pay The Devil His Dues

On a tragic day that will forever linger in the memories of the Narumoru people, a matatu crashed into a truck carrying building materials near the Bantu Lodge.

Simon’s mother was among the dead.

She was coming from Uganda with new merchandise.

Later on, Simon learned that her mother had been initiated in the devil worshipping by fellow Nanyuki entrepreneurs.

When forced to make a sacrifice for the great prosperity she had enjoyed, Simon’s mother declined, so the devil stole her life.

A few days after the tragedy, their house became a no-go zone for everyone. Just after the deceased mother was buried, unexplained paranormal phenomena began to happen.

During the night, Simon and his siblings could hear someone jumping on the roof from one end to the other regularly before dawn.

The dogs would bark a lot, and if someone went outside to figure out what was going on, they could see the gate wide open and no one in sight.

At one point, the footsteps were followed by stones thrown on the roof and glass windows at night. Simon and his siblings were urged by neighbors to flee the house.

God Help Us

As an evidence of the devil’s worship in Nanyuki, the house was later pulled down and the compound is now vacant to this day.

A genuine mark that the worship of the devil is actual in Nanyuki.

It’s been more than 17 years now, and nobody, even Simon’s family, has dared to retake or even sell the piece of property. No one is able to purchase or sell it.

Rumor has it, if you dare to sell or buy it, you’ll attract evil spirits in your life. Our crew tried to take pictures of the abandoned compound but each time we tried the cameras developed technical problems.

At one point, the car we were using could not start. We had to push it away as advised by the area chief. That’s when the engine automatically started.

Satan Is Hiding In The Church

Kiomboyo, not his real name, claims he used the devil to fill his church. He goes on to narrate how he could prophesy and forecast events with unmatched precision.

This earned him a place in one of the big churches in Nanyuki town. He rose through the ranks as the founding pastor saw him as an asset to increase the congregation.

He was able to pull in more members using devil worshipping elements.

To spread the seed, he slept with wives of members of the congregation. The church expanded tremendously as people supported the “ministry of god” with their own hard earned cash.

Kiomboyo and other senior members of the church came together and split the offerings amongst themselves. That’s how he got his first Toyota Prado TX and a palatial home at one of the high end Nanyuki Estate’s.

He could afford to take his kids to good schools as the congregation sink deep into poverty all in the name of supporting the ministry.

Right now Kiomboyo has reformed and moved on to another town where he started a new church and new life. His former church is still practicing devil worship according to Kiomboyo.

The Devil Worship Commission

The Devil Worship Commission was established in October 20, 1994 by the late Moi. In 1999, a presidential commission of inquiry concluded that devil worship was commonplace in Kenya with a high presence in schools, churches and even government offices.

It interviewed various organizations including the Freemason Society and the Mormons.

Critics roundly derided the commission’s findings and disparaged the damning report.

The report also says that such groups, which are secretive, destructive and deliberate, “generally” have the rituals including the presence of snakes, drinking human blood, eating human flesh, human sacrifice, sexual abuse and rape.

A group named Freemasons allegedly prayed at night, in the dark and nudity, and walked backwards into their temple after completing their rituals, according to the report.

Devil worshippers use dolls, metal music, tattoos and push pins. Women are also given an owl or rat jewelry that is placed on top of breasts to tempt men. According to the report, devil worshippers were obsessed with sex, especially lesbianism.

A different View

People claim that worshiping the devil means going to a dark building at 2 am, singing nude satan praises and drinking human blood.

Oh, no. This is something that comes in several ways, and I see it every day in Kenya.

The fire truck operator who brings his rig to a roaring fire WITHOUT WATER… is a devil worshiper.

A devil worshipper is an Indian who pays you Ksh. 15,000 per month before tax in the Industrial Sector, yet your title is Senior Accountant, and you work 70 hours a week.

A man who floods the table with beer and posts photographs on social media, while the Omena Traders Association of Siaya (OTAS) threatens his mother over unpaid omena debts, is simply worshipping the devil.

A woman who writes a text, “Ni wewe tu baby, can’t wait until you chew me like Big G again,” and then sends it at midnight to 12 different men, is not only a devil worshipper, but the first cousin of the devil.

And all those people who can’t see the sacrifices Raila Odinga has made for our liberation.

Don’t assume the devil is only worshipped in a building along Nyerere Road