Prof Hamo: A Good Example of How Life Is Unpredictable

Prof Hamo: A Good Example of How Life Is Unpredictable
Prof Hamo: A Good Example of How Life Is Unpredictable

Prof Hamo is no longer employed by Hot 96. He has joined his baby mama Jemutai in job hunting as he looses his job where he earned Ksh 500K per month.

Will he afford to buy ‘Oreos’ leave alone provide for his kids if he couldn’t manage with Ksh 500K salary? I there any brand that will want to be associated with him?

Royal Media Services (RMS), which owns Hot 96 radio, has fired comedian Herman Gakobo Kago, better known as Prof Hamo.

Prof Hamo and Jeff Koinange used to co-host a radio program dubbed ‘The Breakfast Show’ on Hot 96.

According to sources familiar with the situation, Prof. Hamo was indisciplined aside from the drama that erupted online a few weeks ago between himself and fellow comedian Stella Koitie aka Jemutai.

 The comedian had crossed paths with his bosses. It’s also been mentioned that the Churchill Show comedian was seldom seen at work.

His duties have been transferred to Deputy Station Manager Clyde Katiba, who has been co-hosting the Breakfast Show program with Jeff for the past few days.

Allegations & Scandals

Professor Hamo has not officially confirmed or denied the accusations of being fired.

Prof. Hamo and his girlfriend, Jemutai, were involved in a paternity controversy, with Jemutai accusing him of abandoning his two children.

Hamo replied by claiming that his wife took over the situation and sent Jemutai upkeep money.

He went on to say “I have children who live with me and children who do not. I’ve been caring for my children since the beginning, and they’ve never gone without food, shelter, or anything else they need.”

However, word of his supposed dismissal has already gone viral on social media.

This comes just a day after DNA tests revealed he is the father of the two children he had with fellow comedian Jemutai.

Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill) assisted the feuding families in resolving their differences, with Hamo agreeing to pay school fees in exchange for a DNA test.

DNA Results

On Tuesday, May 11, Jemutai announced that the results indicated that the then-Hot 96 presenter was the father of their two daughters.

According Jemutai Prof Hamo left their home in October 2020, the last time he saw his children, Jeremy and Kaylee.

Indeed, she said that the radio host deserted her when she was pregnant with their first child, Jeremy.

He came back when he was older. She became pregnant again in 2019, causing her to resign from her role at Churchill Show.

During this time, she said, she was assisting Prof Hamo in the development of his brand. Even then, he did not provide for his family.