Wanjiku Maina, A 38 Year Old Woman, Found Dead With No Eyes

Wanjiku Maina, A 38 Year Old Woman, Found Dead With No Eyes
Wanjiku Maina, A 38 Year Old Woman, Found Dead With No Eyes

Wanjiku Maina, a 38-year-old woman who had been abducted a week ago by anonymous people, was found murdered.

Wanjiku’s younger sister, having been informed by the authorities, recognized Wanjiku’s body which was confirmed to have been dumped in Kajiado’s Paranai area on 15 February.

In a February 13 study, Wanjiku’s Toyota Axio car was found abandoned in Kawangware, Nairobi, near Gatina Primary School, the day after she went missing.

The investigation was taken over by the DCI Nairobi Area Crime Investigation and Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) operating with Dagoretti-based detectives.

Wanjiku Maina Found Dead With No Eyes
Wanjiku Missing Person’s Poster

The body had physical injuries on both wrists and its entirety, with the eyes plucked out of their sockets.


Heightened inquiries found that Wanjiku Maina had withdrawn Ksh 350,000 from her account at one of the Cooperative Banks in Nairobi.

This is prior to the abduction of the victim, before continuing to meet the first suspect (Edwin) in Ngara for a business transaction.

Wanjiku innocently drove into her death trap, making a call to one of her colleagues, outlining her meeting with Edwin.

Edwin was to lead her with the withdrawn sum to raise her Stima Sacco shares.

According to DCI, when she approached Ngara, she was pushed into the black Toyota Axio KCN 300D with Edwin inside and sandwiched and handcuffed by the other identified suspects.

Bad Loan

Police believe she had used one of her friend’s logbook to secure a loan from a shylock, but which she struggled to pay back.

The loan shark had also threatened to repossess the vehicle using the logbook.

Wanjiku Maina phone conversations have revealed that she had received threatening messages on her phone days before she went missing. 

According to police, phone records show that the former banker owed one of the 4 suspects in her gruesome murder some money. 

The text message warned her of dire consequences if she failed to pay the debt she allegedly owed the sender.

Once at Ngara, Wanjiku had been forced into a waiting black car, KCN 300D, make Toyota Crown, in which one of the suspects was waiting, before being handcuffed and sandwiched by the other named suspects.


Acting on forensic intelligence, the investigating team escorted two of the suspects to Paranai area in Kajiado.

The Four Suspects

Edwin Otieno Odiwuor, Samwel Okoth Adinda, Stevenson Oduor Ouma and Mercy Gitiri Mongo are alleged to have colluded in Wanjiku Maina’s torture and murder.

A pair of handcuffs used to restrain the deceased, her company stamp stolen from her car and a surgical face mask believed to have been worn by her was recovered.

A Mercedes-Benz Reg. No, no. KCW 179G, suspected to have been used when dumping Wanjiku’s body has since been retrieved from the first suspect’s house.

Verification on the cars ownerships is ongoing and we have so far established that the logbook of one of them bears a different name from any of the suspects. We are confident we will get to the bottom of it


The four suspects are scheduled to be charged with Murder on Monday. The police are reviewing the details of the crime and what happened in Wanjiku’s last moments.