Sam Kinuthia: Facts About The Legendary Artist

Sam Kinuthia: Facts About The Legendary Artist
Sam Kinuthia: Facts About The Legendary Artist

Sam Kinuthia was a well-known Kikuyu secular artist whose music is still being listed today, despite his death more than 15 years ago. The counsel and life lessons in his songs are what make his music timeless.

Sam Kinuthia was born in the Namuru county Kiambogo area in a large family; his father, who is now deceased, was known as Waweru, and his mother, Wairimu.

Sam Kinuthia was born in 1965 and died in 2003, making him 39 years old at the time of his death.

Sam Kinuthia is best known for his everlasting hits such as Nyina Wa Mami, Muiritu Wa Gikomba, Ann, Reke Hetuke na Mundu, Maitu Nowe Kiboko, and many more.

His band included: – Lendman-Soloist – Belly Nguya- Rhythm – Peter Apiri- Bass – and others such as Stephen Rumumba, Juma Okeshi and Peter Kioko.

He was more accustomed to Kiandutu than Kiambogo, and it appeared that he adored the location.

He arrived in Thika in the early 1980s as a casual laborer in the YuShop area, working as a music shop attendant for Kinyajui Waweru, a local music producer.

Sam Kinuthia gathered water from the Chania River with a mkokoteni and sold it throughout Thika before becoming famous. Legend has it that he sang a lot while pulling his cart, which was quite typical of him.

During his time working at the music shop, he met Timona na Mburu, who noticed his musical aptitude and coached him in recording his first ever tune, ‘Jane Njuguini,’ and Timona did the back up.

Kinuthia perfected his songs at his basic dwelling, especially when twilight fell; present were his best pals Wamumbe, Late Maina Nyaguthii, and Wanduaku (you may relate to the quality music he did).

The ‘Jane Njuguini’ was a success, and Kinuthia monetized it; the proceeds enabled him to buy a great assortment of electronics accessories and move to a better house; his star was rising very quickly in his musical career, and shortly after releasing ‘Maitu Nowe Kiboko,’ he relocated to Nairobi’s Eastland area of Kayole, facilitated by his great friend Sammy Muraya, where he met Wangari Kabera.

After His Death

Even though many people did not know Sam Kinuthia personally, his songs inspired them to love and treasure him so much that Sam Kinuthia today has a large number of fans who listen to his music. Kinuthia died 20 years ago today.

Sam Kinuthia was buried at Nakuru North Cemetery. Since then, his wife and children have been through a lot because no one looked back after Kinuthia was buried, despite the fact that many musicians, friends, and leaders promised to stand in Kinuthia’s place.

When Kinuthia’s wife was interviewed on the “Reke Ciume na Ene” show, many people called and promised to see her and her children, but just a few showed up.

Sam Kinuthia’s wife claims that the family has never benefited in any manner from Kinuthia’s songs, despite the fact that they have been played on radio stations, television stations, deejays, and YouTube.

Kinuthia’s wife is currently Living in poverty in Naivasha with Kinuthia’s Children, Despite the fact that their Father’s songs are being played all over.

Wairimu, Kinuthia’s firstborn, is disabled, and Nyina Wa Wairimu’s life has been difficult because Wairimu requires a lot of care.

They hope that one day they will be able to enjoy what their father, Sam Kinuthia, endured working so hard for.