AIM Global: Is It A Pyramid Scheme ?

AIM Global: Is It A Pyramid Scheme ?
AIM Global: Is It A Pyramid Scheme ?

AIM Global, also known as Alliance in Motion, purports to be the biggest MLM firm in the world. They have been in business since 2005, according to their website.

That is a significant amount of time. You, like many others, are curious.

How come you’ve never heard of the program before? One major issue I have with AIM Global is that it is overhyped.

Alliance in Motion says that it can transform an ordinary person into a millionaire. This review will determine whether or not that is correct.

The primary source of income, as with any other MLM firm, comes from recruiting others to join the program under you by persuading family members and friends.

You technically become a hustler. You do not own a business with AIM Global. You must be dedicated to the company. Some MLM firms forbid you from promoting any other product.

Unlike affiliate marketing, where potential clients find you while searching, you’ll be chasing after family and friends.

An article that ranks high on Google is a good example (Like this). Customers who are looking for solutions to their concerns can find them online. This is where affiliate marketing comes in.

The Catch

AIM Global, like other MLMs, is a product-based pyramid scheme. The term MLM is used to hide the reality that it is a pyramid scheme.

They will convince you that making money online is simple and requires little to no effort.

It’s worth noting that the majority of the money goes to individuals at the top of the pyramid. You’ll also have to rely on the efforts of those that come under you to determine how much money you’ll make.

Apart from recruiting people, you can also make money by selling their products. The products seem to be magical and unrealistic since they treat diseases that have no cure.

I’ve never seen anyone get better after taking these. I’ve heard that AIM Global products can entirely cure cancer.

In any case, the distributors want to make money.

An Inside Look to Alliance in Motion Global Inc Kenya

A steady stream of enthusiastic and hopeful young people streams into Room 101 of Stanbank House, the large brown building adjacent to the National Archives on Nairobi’s Moi Avenue, every Monday and Tuesday at 8 a.m.

Each one tells a different narrative as they rush in with pens and notebooks, scurrying hopefully to the front seats.

From ambitious university students ready to make money to high school dropouts yearning for a better life to unemployed grads on the verge of giving up hope due to a lack of work opportunities.

Beyond their diverse backgrounds and ambitions, the young people are all motivated by a desire to make money quickly and, for some, to live lavishly.

Starting at 10 a.m., AIM Global offers free training classes, claiming to educate participants how to earn up to Sh50,000 each day with little effort.

Typically, each session brings together new trainees who have heard about AIM Global through word of mouth, been recruited online, or by existing members.

The online recruitment process is straightforward. A current member will typically post, primarily on Facebook groups, requesting other social media users interested in making money to contact them.

They clarify in their posts that they are looking for diligent and ambitious individuals who want to make a minimum of Sh5,000 every day.

In most situations, recruiters indicate that prospective members should be between the ages of 21 and 30.

Deliberately flashy

The online profiles of AIM Global members are deliberately flashy and glamorous, masterfully created to portray a picture of opulence and success, and appeal to unemployed youths.

In the pictures they post on online platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the members are usually well-dressed and posing mostly outside planes, inside airports or next to posh cars they claim to have bought using money from AIM Global.

During the training, the show continues. One by one, elegantly-dressed speakers, all of whom are AIM Global members, step to the front of the room, artistically wooing the audience with myriad reasons why they should join the network.

Mostly, they talk about the unlikelihood of finding a job owing to the high rates of unemployment in the country, further reeling in the attendees with stories of miserable pay and eternal poverty that come with traditional employment.

“Our culture revolves around money. Everything we do is about money,” says a woman in a bob weave and tight bodycon dress as she struts energetically across the floor at the front of the room, her high heels loudly click-clacking against the hard floor.

The young women in the room are fixated, visibly blown away by the thought that they too could look like her in a few months.

The woman speaks about the meaninglessness of a Kenyan education, urging the audience to disregard the lessons they received in school.

“Education and money are two different things, which is why we did not ask you to come with your CVs,” she says.

In another session, another member states, “Money comes second after oxygen. Education comes last.”

The woman then tells the trainees she will teach them how to make “crazy money”, which she says is as much as Sh50,000 per day and Sh1 million each month.

Big machine

“Fifteen months ago I was desperate for a job, until I attended training and learnt how I could make money. In just a few months I was driving a big machine,” she boasts.

To join AIM Global and qualify to earn thousands of shillings per day, potential members must pay a one-time registration fee of Sh23,000. However, if one wishes to make even more money, they need to pay Sh69,000 for lifetime membership or Sh161,000 for international membership.

After paying Sh23,000, the members receive a package, which includes a book and a range of health products from Nature’s Way.

During the presentations, the team members stress that AIM Global is a legitimate company and not a scam or pyramid scheme as many people think.

My Final Opinion & Recommendation

Alliance in motion and similar MLM companies make you believe that becoming a millionaire is very easy. With time, one may feel that it is the worst mistake that they ever did.

It is an opportunity that makes you a hustler. In reality, you don’t own a business. What if the alliance in motion closes? Is it worth losing everything that you created?

You need to create a solid business. That is where affiliate marketing comes in. Only promote products that you believe in on your site. Even if a company you’re promoting closes, you remain in business no matter what.