Senator Mithika Vs Cs Munya Face Off

After being a non performer Governor of Meru County, Mr. Peter Gatirau Munya has yet again proven the same to the world, by becoming a classic failure as Minister in the national government.This is a position he was rewarded with politically, in which according to Senator Mithika, “he was meant to fight battles that were not his own”.

These persistent failures are due to his nature. He doesn’t like to work with professionals, because he hates being challenged by brains better than his own. He loves “yes” people around him.

Mr. Munya’s best advisors, close confidants, aides and advisors are all from his village in Muthara, Karama or are academic dwarfs and intellectually handicapped, who cannot challenge his decisions no matter how dangerous, disastrous, mediocre or hurtful they may be to the country’s economy.

It is easy to tell why Munya keeps failing and under performing. Currently, his “Advisor on Cooperatives”, Mr. James Mutia, is an illiterate old guy whom he used as briefcase bearer, and out of that loyalty of carrying stolen County money for him, he was rewarded with the prestigious Position of the County Chief of Staff during his tenure as Meru Governor.

Mutia does not interact with any officers at the Ministry due to among other inadequacies and incompetence, language barrier issues. He spends his days plying Meru-Nairobi route like a Matatu operator, in a GK vehicle and only attends vernacular radio stations interviews and programs in Meru, since he has no competency, fluency or content to represent the Minister anywhere else at the national level.

The only “advise” we have seen active on the State Department of Cooperatives where he is meant to be an “advisor” is the never ending, no-tangible-results back and forth dance in the disbanding and reconstitution of KPCU.

Other aides and advisors of the Minister include Hellen Nangithia from Munya’s village and also was rumored to have been his girlfriend from the University, who is a key influence on his decisions regarding KEBS and standards of quality in the country, whose glaring incompetence can be seen in the high cases of substandard goods in every sector of the economy.

There is also Samuel Mungathia, another victim of academic, intellectual and professional dwarfism, who is said to be the Political ‘hitman, Loyalty meter’ and the hand of the Minister in all mediocre political dealings, which he plays with village level mentality, and has since cost Mr. Munya dearly, from fall as Governor of Meru to the current rapidly diminishing of his once rising Political star.

Mr. Mungathia, who is assisted by another Political novice, Engineer Kaulani, one Mr. Pius and others from Munya’s village in Muthara and Karama, are also tasked with managing politics around the CS, which includes management of “bundles team” of young boys and some elderly individuals mostly from Imenti region.

They were not trusted enough to be rewarded with any jobs at the Ministry after the fall at the County, and are put on small Mpesa tokens'(bundles) retainer to keep the Minister’s Political relevance alive in Meru County. They are spreading choreographed propaganda messages of criticism of the current County Regime.

This strategy has been viewed as self defeatism and Desperation on Mr. Munya himself, since by 2017, he had clearly declared his ambitions in National leadership, vowing that by 2022 he will no longer be struggling with village Politics in Meru, but will be a lead contender for the country’s top leadership, and a Kingpin of Mt. Kenya region.

This “dream” as he called it then, seems to have died a natural death, as evidenced recently, when he was heard expressing in one of his talented attributes, traditional singing (Mariri), asking the local residents to meet him as he returns to the village to lead them(“Inthaanwe”), a move Meru Senator Linturi, described as a boy who gets initiated to manhood, but then struggles to come back to the mother’s bosom, seeking to be made a boy again.

As Minister for EAC, Mr. Munya oversaw drafting, approval and implementation of disastrous trade and integration policies that have become very hurtful to Kenya’s economy while the other East African countries continue to reap from the hard work and sweat of Kenyans.

The open border policy, customs free policies and free trade policies that have crippled Kenyan farmers, economy and are killing local agricultural industries were all instituted while Munya was Minister for EAC.

He was then moved to Trade, Industry and Cooperatives where he has continued to kill and completely cripple the economy by allowing cheap imports of Agricultural products through incompetent and mediocre policies drafted through the advise of ignorant, incompetent and illiterate individuals whom he has surrounded himself with, simply because he hates to be challenged by brains better than his own.