Surveillance Of Desert Locust Invasion

Surveillance from above shows that a swarm of desert locust have invaded Mt Tiaty in Tiaty Constituency; another swarm has landed at Sibilo, Baringo North. This is according to a statement by the Baringo County Government.

The County reported invasion of desert locusts on Sunday, 19th January, 2020 at Kamurio, Tiaty sub-county.

A joint team comprising officers from National and County government conducted aerial surveillance on 20th January and another one the next day.

The aerial survey was concentrated on Tiaty hills and Kerio Valley.

Indeed, the aerial survey sighted a swarm of desert locust atop Mount Tiaty on 21st January, 2020. The locusts’ density was high and scanty and bare vegetation was confirmed for approximately 1-2 kms.

Another swarm landed at Sibilo. It was difficult to establish the size because of the terrain of the area.

However, the public are urged to report exact location of any sighting of the swarms as ground and aerial survey continues.

The County and National government in collaboration with partners have put contingency measures to support surveillance and spraying. They have availed 4×4 motor vehicles, fuel and airplanes to combat the locust invasion.

The Ministry of agriculture will in due course furnish farmers with other protection methods they can engage in controlling the locust.”