Tailor Found Dead Inside Lodging Without His Manhood

Tailor Found Dead Inside Lodging Without His Manhood
Tailor Found Dead Inside Lodging Without His Manhood

Tailor was discovered dead in a hotel room where he had stayed a few days before.

According to a relative of the deceased tailor, the father-of-two attended a party in the area on Thursday, January 13, but was unable to return home because the party ended very late at night, so he decided to stay at the hotel and return home the next day.

Unfortunately, the tailor did not return home after the event, and his family members became concerned and reported the incident to the police.

A search was initiated right after, and it was eventually determined that he had taken up residence at the Queens hotel, where he was supposedly murdered and his manhood removed.

After discovering the tailor’s dead body in the hotel room, the hotel management did not inform the police or the victim’s family; instead, they quietly transported his body out and abandoned it at a morgue.

The victim’s family members were later alerted by an unknown individual that their son was laying dead at the mortuary.

Eventually the victim’s relatives went to the mortuary and recognized his body.

They also noticed that his testicles and several of his internal organs were missing.

The family contacted the hotel’s management and employees, who informed them that the tailor died after slipping on the bathroom tiles.

Friends of the deceased tailor have demanded for justice through social media. They claim that the story by the hotel management does not add up and makes no sense.

This comes only days after Tyger Booty, an American Instagram model, was discovered dead in a hotel room in the Ghana after flying in from Nigeria.

Meanwhile, some people on the internet have claimed that Tyger died of a drug overdose, but a close friend of hers has categorically denied this, stating that the model was not addicted to drugs when she was alive.