Dog Guards Rescued Abandoned New-Born Baby

Dog Guards Rescued Abandoned New-Born Baby
Dog Guards Rescued Abandoned New-Born Baby

Dog treats a newborn baby abandoned in a field as if it were one of her own puppies.

The newborn baby was abandoned in a remote village and was later rescued after a dog looked after her for the night.

While many people were outraged that the baby was abandoned in a field, the story of the animal’s compassion has gone viral.

In the village of Lomi, the baby girl was abandoned in a field. The child was left naked and with the umbilical cord still attached when he was abandoned.

Surprisingly, stray dogs roaming nearby protected the newborn baby.

After hearing the baby cry, villagers discovered her alongside a litter of puppies.

The child was found unharmed, and the villagers claimed that the mother dog and her puppies guarded the newborn baby.

The villagers quickly alerted the local police and village council, who arrived on the scene to assist and save the child. Fortunately, despite being left out in the bitter cold, baby was safe and sound.

According to local reports, a catholic missionary arrived at the scene, and the newborn was rushed to a local hospital.

The child was referred to The Child Line Project, which is run by the Child Welfare Committee, after receiving first aid.

The baby girl was named Akanksha by the rescuers. The committee will make the decision about where the child will live. The police are looking for the newborn’s family and investigating the incident.

“We had come out for work and at 11 a.m. we saw that there is a newborn baby girl lying in the village among dogs,” one villager said. We then notified the health department. The newborn was then taken to the hospital.”

Many locals, including law enforcement officials, have called for harsh punishment for the baby’s family.

They also stated that the baby should not be returned to the family who could abuse the child in this way.

In recent reports, there have been numerous cases of abandoned girls who are seen as a burden due to their gender. Boys are more likely to grow up and support their parents.