Thief Stuck Inside House Due To Suspected Witchcraft

Thief Stuck Inside House Due To Suspected Witchcraft
Thief Stuck Inside House Due To Suspected Witchcraft

Thief breaks into a house with the intent of stealing only to fall asleep after packing the items he intended to take.

In Kakamega, a strange incident occurred when a thief broke into a house to steal but fell asleep during the robbery until the owner returned and caught him.

A series of burglaries have been blamed on the 25-year-old thief in Navava village, Lwandet sublocation, Kakamega county.

Moses Wafula Wanjala, the accused, is suspected of having accomplices who were not present at the time of the crime.

Locals claim that the thief stole from two houses before moving on to the house where Wafula made his bed.

The house’s owner, however, was not present at the time of the incident and is said to be working in Nairobi..

Wafula is thought to have broken into the house while his accomplices stood guard outside.

The thief packed various items to leave with them, but things did not go as planned, and he fell into a deep sleep, causing his accomplices to flee for fear of being caught.

He was discovered still sleeping the next morning by a relative of the house’s owner, who had noticed that the house had been broken into.

He tipped off the neighbours, who stormed the house with all manner of weapons, demanding that he name his accomplices.

The beating, however, was insufficient to persuade him to reveal his criminal associates.

The thief was rescued by the assistant chief Thomas Luvonga who received information about the incident and handed him to the police.

It was established that the thief is a resident of Bungoma County.

The suspect was discovered in possession of tools for breaking doors and padlocks.

Before the suspect is charged in court, police have begun an investigation.

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