Bad Roads Cause A Burial Stand Off In Juakali, Laikipia

Bad Roads Cause A Burial Stand Off In Juakali, Laikipia
Bad Roads Cause A Burial Stand Off In Juakali, Laikipia

There was controversy  in Jua Kali, Segera Ward Laikipia County, when residents wanted to hold a burial ceremony at the the area MCA’s office. Locals were saddened by the poor roads they had to take to get to the deceased  home.

A stand off between the relatives, friends, residents and police officers who had instructions not to let the body be offloaded from a hearse for the ceremony ensured for hours leading the mourners to abandon their vehicles along the way including the one with the body and went on with other businesses at the trading centre.

According to the Area Muhiriga Chairman Jesse Gatitu the poor roads contributed to the death of Miano Gathua who could not make it to the hospital on time after he developed chest pains.

Gatitu said that Miano had been ailing and during a fundraiser in aid of his medical bills, area MCA Sharubo ole Kaparo promised that the Lailagwan road would be constructed as it was impassable even by school children during this rainy season.

However this was not to be until the death of Miano who they noted was a strong supporter of the MCA and was even taken to the polling station during the last elections to cast his ballot.

The residents said they were tired of empty promises and vowed that they would not proceed to the burial until the road was done or assured of when the county government of Laikipia would to their rescue.

Efforts by area assistant chief Duncan Mwenda and the Mca’s Personnal Assistant Daniel Molo to calm the crowd downed bore no fruits as they demanded to be addressed by those they elected.

It is understood that efforts to have the road repaired at  night before the burial to avert the situation were also not reached as a grader that had been sent developed mechanical problems.

After spending the better part of the day by the road side the mourners are said to have been convinced that the road will be done immediately. They proceeded to the burial site at around  4 PM hoping that their move would see them get services from their leaders.