Wilderness Plots Disguised As Prime Acres In Laikipia

Wilderness Plots Disguised As Prime Acres In Laikipia
Wilderness Plots Disguised As Prime Acres In Laikipia

Wilderness plots have become the latest bait for unsuspecting land buyers who want to join the elite ranks of land owners.

In recent years, land buyers especially from Nairobi, Nakuru and other towns have been controversially sold wilderness plots located in Nanyuki and its environs (Laikipia).

How? One has to wonder. This is the issue that has caused the government to clash with land buyers.

As this war progresses, the naïve small and medium land buyer who purchased a chunk of the contentious block of land will surely suffer a massive loss.

Clearly, the land problem is not limited to the Laikipia.

Many investors around the country have frequently become entangled in a web of deception that has come to characterize Kenya’s land business.

The Trap

The following is an example of how land selling organizations have duped thousands of Kenyans by selling inexpensive, useless plots that are usually disguised as prime acres in Laikipia.

“Many miles far from Nairobi , there is cheap barren wilderness plot lying Idle in Laikipia North.

Then Mkoraa of Mkoraa Properties Ltd gets wind of it from his “investment scouts ” placed on the ground.

Mkoraa acquires 2 acres of land from the peasant owner for Sh. 200,000 per acre while purporting to work for a church-based NGO.

Kamanu Subdivides the land into 14 plots .

He plans to sell each plot for Sh. 350,000 . If each plot is bought ,Mkoraa will make a kill of Sh. 4.5 million.

But how will he sell the plots in the middle of nowhere? And to who?

This Is How…

Lease a 42 Seater bus and fill it with 20 fake buyers. Each fake buyer is supposed to come with one potential buyer amounting to 20 potential buyers .

The fooling line is “TRANSPORT AND FOOD IS FREE ” Each fake buyer is paid Sh. 5,000 per trip.

In total Mkoraa spends roughly Sh. 140,000 per trip , that includes transport, food and fake buyers’ fees.

On site, the fake buyers are supposed to “show a lot of interest on the plots ” and the majority will buy quickly, giving out fake cheques to Mkoraa on the point for full amount of Sh. 350,000 .

The target is to have at least 2 potential buyers duped into buying the plots .

In total, Mkoraa plans to have at most 7 such trips with different potential buyers but same fake ones.

At the end Mkoraa will have spent a total of roughly Sh. 1.4 million, including the price of the land and fake trips , Making a profit of Sh. 3.5 million within 2 months .

Whatever the buyers will do with those pieces of wilderness, it’s none of Mkoraa’s business.”

In the worst case scenarios, customers will end up with wilderness plots but no title deeds to establish ownership.