Yiaku Indigenous Peoples Festival In Laikipia

    Yiaku Indigenous Peoples Festival In Laikipia
    Yiaku Indigenous Peoples Festival In Laikipia

    Yiaku indigenous Forest Dwellers are a Cushitic People who comprise a population of less than 6,000 persons and are the native original habitants of Mukogodo Forest Laikipia County.

    Their language Yiakunte has been classified as almost extinct and under serious threat of disappearance and recorded in the UNESCO Book of endangered languages.

    Only three elders who are all above 85 years old can speak the language fluently, it is imperative that their traditional knowledge be tapped and documented before they get any older .

    The Yiaku have lived in harmony with the Forest time immemorial since their traditional practices do not encourage logging and the building of permanent shelters in the Forest.

    They have sacred sites and ancestral graves and derive honey, wild fruits, herbs and vegetable from the Forest for a living.

    This is an opportunity to interact with Kenya’s Indigenous tribe that is leading in environmental conservation particularly in forested areas of Mukogodo. Its also a chance to sample their traditional delicacies and way of life.

    The Festival is set for 30th November 2019 ,in the Heart of Laikipia North – Doldol. Doldol is a culturally rich area with plenty of places to visit like Loisaba Tented Camp ,Ol jogi Wildlife Conservancy and Loisaba Lodo Springs.

    For more information, please visit http://www.yiakulaikipiaktrust.org/.