Segera Plant A Tree Day Preparations In Top Gear

Segera Plant A Tree Day Preparations In Top Gear
Segera Plant A Tree Day Preparations In Top Gear

Segera is a vast piece of land with a compelling story behind it. Thirty years ago Janice Gleason purchased 20,000 acres of land and a ranch (Segera Ranch) to help elephants migration in the plains of Laikipia.

The villages around her were hungry without clean water with no opportunities for medical facilities or education institutions.

Eco Tourism is the key priority of the gov for economic growth at Laikipia. He reported there were 5000 tourists from the Eco last year. He is again seeing that doubling and doubling. Segera Mission is embracing that objective.

Janice Gleason opted to invest in Segera through a foundation she set up about 20 years ago, bringing projects to the community.

In 1999, Janice and her father, Papa Gleason gave 11 acres for Segera Mission.

Twenty years on fast forward. A clinic (only medical outside Nanyuki), a school that feeds and serves 320 children, the communities have safe drinking water.

Segera Mission

Segera Mission Foundation was started by Janice Gleason.

Their goal has always been to give the people of this remote area a sign of the love of God and a hope for a better life, through schooling, medical care and a chance for a new world.

Cases of HIV AIDS infection have dropped dramatically and because of Janice’s efforts, residents are beginning to hope for a better future.

Janice came to help the elephants, but she stayed there to save the children. It’s amazing that a student named Dominic progressed through Nanyuki then a U.S .- based university through the hands of the Segera Mission Foundation and returned to represent and assist  the Segera Community.

Ms. Debbie Bartlett ,Segera Mission Volunteer

Debbie Bartlett is a volunteer who has supported the mission and its work for nearly 8 years. She has recently visited the local government officials to discuss further the upcoming Segera Plant A Tree project.


Under the leadership of Debbie,the school has embarked on a mission to plant over three thousand trees from 2019.

The children will plant trees at the school and help nurture.

This will be an opportunity for the children to learn more about conservation. Its also a chance to allow members of the community to take part in environmental conservation.

The Kenya Forest Service has been granted a directive to plant 22 million trees by 2022.

15 percent of Kenya had a forest cover twenty years ago,. As we speak today, the figure has dropped to 7 percent. If we plant twenty two million trees, Kenya is going to be at 10 percent.

Debbie has set up a Facebook group and Facebook page to help reach out to more people. A lot of community interest has developed over the months. Daniel Ole Mamia and Eluid Gilisho had been her early supporters. Eluid helped to gather 3000 seedlings, surpassing the initial target of 1000 seedlings.

Dr. Manu Chandaria

Dr. Manu Chandaria and his foundation have donated 2000 tree seedlings. Other nobale figures supporting the initiative include,Eliud Gilisho ,an author and a young innovator with 6 patents on environmental products, Daniel Ole Mamai – a key figure in the film industry,a mentor and a member of the Maasai Cricket Warriors, Sam Letukupwa – director of Sot Norok Orphans Center, Mrs Betty Tobiko – wife to minister for Environment – Mr. Keriako Tobiko , Honorable Chalbo Kaparo – KFS representative, Mpala Research Center, This Is Laikipia, Jeshurun Foundation ,Greening Kenya Pets ,Segera Ranch and many more.

The line up of organisations and individuals supporting this initiative is quiet impressive for a starter.

We are in the planning stages to start Permaculture farming. The project will plant trees orchards for fruit export, and a camp will be set up to house our tourists. Segera has 26 acres supplied by water from the Black River.
While our set up will not emphasize mainly on animals we do have assorted baboons, elephants , warthogs to give a little African flavor.

Ms Debbie

Segera Community

This group of friends and well wishers has vowed to empower the community and educate on conservation for their betterment and future of their children and children’s children.

This is Laikipia’s vision for the future entails a Laikipia that is covered with trees, gardens and domestic animals that will be used to make incomes and better lives.

As for the Segera project, we hope to continue supporting it because its more than just a clinic.

Every citizen, every inhabitant of Laikipia, should emulate this great volunteer and help in conserving their own environment in the villages and/or communities as service to God and humanity.

Global warming has been on the rise as a result of environmental pollution.

It is not late yet ! Now, rise and join the number of philanthropist and well wishers to plant a tree in your village and/or community.

Segera Mission Primary School Complex on Saturday, 1 February 2020 will host the tree planting event.