Bride Abandons Wedding Because The Groom Is Bald

Bride Abandons Wedding Because The Groom Is Bald
Bride Abandons Wedding Because The Groom Is Bald

Bride in Laikipia refused to tie the knot with a man he has been dating on Facebook after discovering he was bald.

Internet marriages are common in Laikipia, particularly among mixed-race people. Black girls try their luck with foreigners in order to escape poverty and have a better life.

But, despite the video calls and photo sharing, they don’t always go as hoped. Sometimes the bride or groom flees with their lover, sometimes tragedy strikes, and sometimes not knowing enough about the person you’re marrying can be a problem.

Consider today’s wedding in Laikipia, where the bride refused to marry her bride groom after discovering he was bald.

According to the Bishop, who requested anonymity, everything was going according to plan until the bride noticed that her husband-to-be refused to remove his cowboy hat despite the scorching sun and excessive sweating.

When she mentioned it to someone in her entourage, they said it could be because he was actually bald and wearing a wig.

The woman was reportedly shocked by the revelation and confronted the groom about it, and when he confirmed that he was indeed bald, she fainted on the spot.

When she regained consciousness, the scorned bride refused to proceed with the wedding, informing her family that she would not marry a bald man under any circumstances. Her bridesmaid tried unsuccessfully to persuade her to return and finish the ceremony.

This was unexpected because the bride had ample time prior to the wedding ceremony to cancel the event rather than wait until the D-day.

She was overheard saying that she had lost interest in tying the knot.

The bride kept her word and left the church barefooted with her white gown folded between her legs, removing her high heels.

The groom stood there perplexed as his bride made a scene. The woman’s relatives tried to persuade her, but she was unconvinced, so they had no choice but to inform the groom’s family that the wedding had been canceled.

This did not sit well with the other side, and there was some squabbling, with the bride’s family eventually accusing the groom’s side of deceiving them by not disclosing his hair situation.

Finally, the Bishop and elders intervened to calm the situation, and both families went their separate ways. However, according to local police sources, both parties ended up filing complaints against each other, claiming they had been deceived.