Bbi Report (Building Bridges Initiative)

Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report pdf was released on Tuesday 26th November 2019 by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. A summary of the constitutional changes recommendation will be updated in this page once the report is out.

What is BBI ?

BBI in Kenya means Building Bridges Initiative. It was started on March 9th 2018 after president Uhuru Kenyatta his closest competitor in the 2017 presidential election, Raila Odinga, decided to shakes hands and unite the country that was at the brink of war.  What is now commonly referred to as the Handshake in Kenya.

They thereafter jointly formed a team of individuals who held public participation forums across the 47 counties in Kenya to collect views on what changes Kenyans would want to see from the provided 9 agendas (listed below).

The bbi team collected recommendations from 7,000 Kenyans and compiled them in what is now the BBI Report that will be released on Wednesday, 27th November 2019  to the public for further discussion.

Depending on  the response from the public after reading the BBI report, Kenyan might have a referendum to amend the 2010 constitution resulting in change of government structure.

What is BBI?

Building Bridges Initiative Agenda

BBI Team collected views from the public based on the following 9 point agendas:

  • How to end Ethnic Division
  • Inclusivity
  • How to solve Polarizing elections
  • Safety  and Security
  • How to deal with corruption
  • How to deals with Lack of National ethos
  • Responsibility and Rights
  • Shared prosperity
  • Enhancing Devolution

BBI Politics

BBI being an initiative that seeks to cure political issues that have faced the country since independence, it is expected that three political groups will emerge. Those that support BBI, those that reject BBI and those that have no interest in it.

As it stands, Raila Odinga’s party ODM seems to be fully in support of the BBI while jubilee party is divided between two groups: Deputy president William Ruto’s supporters identified as  “Tanga Tanga” that started opposing BBI before it was released and president Uhuru Kenyatta’s supporters identified as “Kieleweke” that are in support of the BBI.

BBI Contacts

For any media inquires or contributions, you can contact BBI team through: