To Apply For The Bursary, Follow These Steps

    To Apply For The Bursary, Follow These Steps
    To Apply For The Bursary, Follow These Steps

    Bursary allocation has long been an important part of education in Laikipia. As a result, students from across the county rely on it to attend various schools and receive a high-quality education at any level, from secondary to post-secondary.

    Because of the current regime’s laxity in giving bursary, education has always become prohibitively expensive for ordinary students in Laikipia.

    Laikipia is one of the counties with a high illiteracy levels countrywide.

    They are compelled to leave school because they do not have enough money to pay for school fees and other educational supplies.

    During the previous regime, bursary allocation was a ritual done each academic year.

    Other institutions like Equity Bank Wings to Fly has tried coming to the rescue of these students who are facing school fees challenges.

    To Apply For The Bursary, Follow These Steps:

    This County government bursary program is accessed by filling out application forms, which can be found by downloading them from the official websites of the county government to which the applicants belong or by visiting the County government offices in your county or any Chief/Sub-office. Chief’s

    Applicants must fill out the bursary application forms completely and with the assistance of a guardian or parent.

    Some of the details include: your full names, school name, registration/admission number, the amount of fees you wish to pay, your Parents/Guardians name, their Identity Card Number, place of residence within that particular County, the Parent/Guardian Signature, and the applicants’ results lip/report are some of the details required because they target the County’s needy and bright students.

    Following the completion of the bursary forms, various signatures from government officials such as the Chief, Sub-Chief, Headmen, and their Priest/Pastor/Sheikh are required.

    After filling out the application forms and ensuring that the information provided is accurate, they are submitted to the County government or the office of the area Chief/Sub-chief, who subsequently forward them to the proper offices.

    The bursary application forms would be processed within a specified time frame, and the successful applicants’ fees would be paid in by the County government after that period.

    Bursary Beneficiaries Per Ward In Laikipia

    Bursary enables underprivileged students to obtain an education that would undoubtedly brighten their futures and contribute to a flourishing society.

    These monies should be distributed every four months, and individuals can apply as soon as the forms are made available by county government authorities in order to be granted and continue their studies.

    Here we are breaking down the number of beneficiaries per ward for the bursary period 2020-2021

    WardTotal Number of Bursary Beneficiaries
    Mukogondo East643
    Mukogodo West705
    Nanyuki 939
    Laikipia County Bursary Beneficiaries