Facebook for iOS dark mode disappears for many users

Facebook for iOS dark mode disappears for many users
Facebook for iOS dark mode disappears for many users

Facebook has offered dark mode since 2020 as a desktop, iOS, and Android option, however some users have reported being unable to activate the feature.

When scrolling through your newsfeed or a collection of videos, the color scheme might be easier on the eyes, especially at night.

Dark settings have helped other Meta apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp, but Facebook appears to turn the function off from time to time.

We’ve gone out to Facebook for comment to learn why it’s been turned off for some users.

How to Know Whether You Have Dark Mode

 To find Facebook dark mode on iOS or Android, you need to open the app and click on the settings, where you can scroll down to the preferences section, and find dark mode listed last.

On the desktop, though, it’s a simple matter of heading to the arrow on the top right, selecting ‘Display and Accessibility,’ and turning on dark mode.

There has been no explanation from Meta Facebook as to why it has opted to disable the feature for some, nor is there any justification to do so.

It’s a valuable function that won’t put a load on the company or the programs it provides, so the deactivation seems perplexing.

For the time being, we recommend deleting the Facebook application from your Android or iOS device and reinstalling it to check whether dark mode returns.

Facebook Bugs

In 2021, Facebook paid out $2.3 million in bug bounties.

For significant vulnerabilities in these products, researchers could earn up to $30,000 in bug bounty payments.

So far in 2021, the social media network has given out over $2.3 million in bug bounty incentives for over 800 genuine reports (out of 25,000 received) from researchers in over 46 countries.

Over the last decade, the company has received over 150,000 bug reports and paid out over $14 million in bug bounties (for 7,800 valid reports).

Facebook also stated that it will open a specialized education center later this year to assist in the recruitment of new researchers.

This year, it will conduct BountyConEDU, a three-day conference for students interested in learning more about bug hunting, in Madrid.