Instagram Advanced Post Features Are Now Available

Instagram Advanced Post Features Are Now Available
Instagram Advanced Post Features Are Now Available

Instagram may soon allow you to modify the appearance of your posts on your profile.

Instagram is a platform that we’re all familiar with, and for others, it’s their primary source of social media.

Many artists, in particular, use Instagram to share their images and sketches, and while the app does provide numerous options to modify your photos, you don’t have much control over how those photos look on your profile.

According to two distinct Twitter users’ observations, Instagram may now be allowing you to change how postings look on your profile.

The first customization option, spotted by @alex193a, will allow you to choose and crop what part of the image will be shown on your Instagram profile.

This is especially beneficial for folks who prefer to customize the look of their profiles at a glance.

Some people like to merge the thumbnails of each photograph on their profile so that when you visit, it appears to be one continuous shot divided into several sections.

This will make it easy for those who wish to do so, as well as those who wish to focus on a certain aspect of a photograph.

This could be related to the rumored functionality that will allow you to rearrange the order in which posts show on your feed.

@salman memon 7 discovered the second customization option, which is the opportunity to choose an aspect ratio for the thumbnails of photographs in your Instagram feed.

This function is also in development, however it will allow you to have slightly lengthier photographs on your Instagram feed to offer some variety.

You may also like to upload portrait photographs, so a 4:5 aspect ratio may be better suited to your feed.

Instagram is currently working on both of these features, but this does not guarantee that they will be released to the general public.

Companies have a habit of constantly testing features, and although some make it to end users, others do not.

It’s highly likely that Instagram users will be able to customize their feeds in the future, but nobody knows what that will be.