Postmortem reveals what killed Joyce Syombua and her two children

Postmortem reveals what killed Joyce Syombua and her two children
Postmortem reveals what killed Joyce Syombua and her two children

Syombua and her kids were allegedly killed by her disgruntled ex-husband of the Kenya Defense Forces. She was struck with a blunt weapon while her two kids were strangled with a rope.

Chief government pathologist revealed this to the media. Johansen Oduor at Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital Mortuary did a postmortem examination on the three bodies.

Addressing the press in Nanyuki town after a post-mortem examination, Oduor said that Syombua was bleeding from the brain. He noticed that the victims ‘ bodies had been badly decomposed.

It would be hard to tell the time frames of how they were murdered, or even if they were drugged before the murder.

Oduor said they had taken DNA samples from the corpses for further forensic analysis. And it will take about seven more days to get finer details.Until then they will still keep the bodies.

Some samples will be taken from the bodies for toxicological tests to identify whether the bodies had been poisoned before they were killed something that could not be established during today’s exercise

Johansen Oduor , Chief Government pathologist

DNA Analysis

This exercise will take about three months. It is expected that the results will help investigators to identify whether the slain bodies belong to the suspected victims.

Family members of the deceased, notably Syombua’s mother Elizabeth Maua were in the morgue to identify the bodies.The pathologist claims that he has identified them positively.

However after the exercise, family members did not speak to the media.

Once the DNA tests are done and findings released, the bodies would be released to their loved ones for burial.

It took ten pathologists and over five hours to carry out the post mortem examination. The bodies were badly decomposed. On Saturday, the three bodies were exhumed from a shallow grave in Nanyuki town ( Makaburini area ).

They were later moved to the Nanyuki Teaching and Referral hospital mortuary in Nanyuki town.

Syombua’s estranged husband are in police custody. Peter Mwaura and another suspect Collins Pamba are awaiting the court’s decision on 9th December 2019. That is when they will know whether they will be charged with murder