Who Are The Real Hustlers In Kenya?

Who Are The Real Hustlers In Kenya?
Who Are The Real Hustlers In Kenya?

Poor is the only life known to Michele Jepng’etich 3, Collins Kemboi 9 and Brian Kemboi. They come from Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kapsowar village.

Since their father moved out, Brian Kemboi, a grade four student, took care of his siblings and ailing mum.

Can this surely happen to an innocent Kalenjin family whose only crime is that they are poor ? Where is the self-proclaimed hustler to do his magic? Charity begins at home.

Hustlers living in central Kenya are treated to philanthropic acts. This is despite the fact that, where the philanthropists come from its stinking with poverty.

Education is no longer the key to success. Wheelbarrows are now seen as the key to success.

The real poor hustler continues to sink deep into poverty as the fake one sings their propaganda tunes.

Abject Poverty

In a shack, Kemboi’s family lives in abject poverty. Their poor home is on the outskirts of Embobut Forest, Elgeyo-Marakwet County, in Sitat Village.

Before being flushed out, they lived as squatters in the forest.

They were saved by Kapsowar Mission Hospital missionaries seven years ago, who rented a house for them.

Unfortunately, when the missionaries left the country, Kemboi’s poor family went back to the forest as squatters.

Ailing Kemboi’s Mother

The mother’s hospitalization, Philaris Komen, deteriorated their plight by pressuring them to move to the Somali slums of Kambi.

However they got assistance from locals and foreigners who brought them food and clothes.

This is after The Standard publicized their plight on Monday.

Having suffered a minor stroke, the poor mother is now in the hospital.

She has chronic stomach pain, exhaustion and left leg paralysis.

Kemboi At 12 Has To Feed The Poor Family

Kemboi, 12, has been forced to leave school. He has to take care of his two younger siblings (Michele, 3 years old and Collins, 9 years old).

Francis Otieno Amonde, director of the Cup of Uji.

A school-feeding program that feeds underprivileged primary school children, said he was moved by the tale of Kemboi.

I’m trying to take care of everything they need in school. I’m happy to pitch in to move the family to a safer place.

Francis Otieno Amonde, director of the Cup of Uji

The area MCA is taking care of the mother’s medical expenses. He has also offered to pay rent for them to abandon the shack in the forest.