‘No More Violence, No More Silence!’ Women Demand

'No More Violence, No More Silence!': Women Demand
'No More Violence, No More Silence!': Women Demand

women leaders called for an end to the killings of women and children in the nation.Therefore, decried the recent killings of Syombua and her two children.

Syombua and her two children allegedly died of strangulation and head injuries in Nanyuki town, Laikipia County.

The leaders noted that the Bill of Rights protects human life and there is no reason whatsoever to justify intentional killings.

We are very concerned with the high level of femicide in Kenya. Its common to see in the headlines young women murdered every day from different parts of the country. This is unacceptable AND we are calling on the state to take STRICT ACTION AGAINST THE PERPETRATORS . the society SHOULD NOT TOLERATE SUCH CASES.

Winrose Mwangi of grass root women’s organization (GROOTS Kenya)

Stop Gender Based Violence

Together with state actors, the women called on the government to stop violence against women.

Laikipia County Women asserted the need for all interested parties to work together to end all forms of gender violence.

They also appealed to the law enforcement agencies to promptly bring to justice all the perpetrators of the grisly murder involving Syombua and her two children, Shanice and Maua.

Normalisation of violence by Kenyans in households, public spaces, and on social media is seen as dehumanising the victims.

It is disrespectful to their dignity and to the suffering of those impacted, including families , friends and, by implication, women in Kenya.

Members of Laikipia county assembly, notably Veronicah Muthoni (Nanyuki ward) and her nominated counterparts; Catherine Kibue, Zamzam Salma, Judy Lukio and Irene Wachuka accompanied women from various organizations to the protest.


Woman leaders agreed that there would be no normalization of femicides. All Kenyans should take concerted steps to stop violence against women.

the court to take very serious action against the perpetrators. deny them bail so that they can go to full trials while in custody

Irene Wacuka ,nominagted Member of Laikipia County Assembly

The women called on the government to organize counseling sessions for military officers.

Most soldiers have endured tough periods in conflicts, and they may be victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD).

These survivors can be counseled to allow them to integrate well with other members of society.

In addition, they urged the Laikipia County Government to fence the cemetery. Syombua and her children were buried there.Installation of security lights to make the place safe for everyone is critical.