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Nigerian Man Kills His Pregnant Wife For Money Rituals

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Nigerian man, is on the run after reportedly murdering his 4-month-old pregnant wife in the Ugbele Mgbidi district of Imo State.

The terrible tragedy reportedly occurred on Saturday, July 3, 2021, just three months after the pair married.

According to Wife’s friend(source), the Nigerian man planned to take her away, most likely somewhere outside their home.

Then murder her in order to avoid being found out and to appear as if he had no knowledge of her whereabouts. but the suspicious wife refused to accompany him.

the nigerian man wanted to take his wife out on a date, then probably take her somewhere and kill her. He would have returned to fabricate lies to hide his tracks. Unfortunately for him, his wife declined to accompany him on his date.

A friend of the Nigeria Man

Feeling uneasy about her husband’s unusual behaviour, she decided to inform a close friend who lived nearby about the recent events in her house before the tragic incident occurred.

According to the source, the Nigerian man’s attempt to murder his wife for selfish reasons failed due to her suspicion.

However, after attempting in vain to persuade his wife to go out with him, he allegedly planned to murder her inside their apartment and transport her corpse to the location where the ritual would be performed.

Murder Plot

The Nigerian man is used a rod to hit his wife on the forehead.

After hitting her with a hard object that was later revealed to be an iron rod, the Nigerian man took her to an undisclosed location where his purpose would be carried out.

But while trying to transport the body, people became suspicious and confronted him.

After the deceased was reported missing, a source (wife’s friend) swiftly alerted the neighbourhood after being informed by the deceased of recent events in her home.

The Nigerian man has now vanished, and he is currently untraceable.

They got married three months ago and the deceased was four months pregnant with his child.

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