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Play Store Apps Found To Have Face Stealer Spyware

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Play Store apps are not immune to dangerous malware. Every now and then, dangerous spyware makes its way into the Google Play Store.

Face stealer spyware, which can not only steal users’ personal data but also Facebook passwords and other information, has been found in over 200 Android apps on the Play Store, according to the latest research.

According to Trend Micro’s recent study, more than 200 Android apps on the Play Store contain a harmful spyware dubbed Face stealer, which can not only steal users’ personal data but also Facebook passwords and other credentials.

Trend Micro discovered over 40 bogus cryptocurrency miner apps that attempted to steal crypto money and capture sensitive information without the users’ authorization, in addition to over 200 apps with Facestealer spyware.

According to the research, some of these programs have over 100,000 installs.

Daily Fitness OL, Panorama Camera, Business Meta Manager, Swam Photo, Enjoy Photo Editor, Crypto mining Farm Your Own Coin, and Photo Gaming Puzzle were among the apps that were unwittingly gathering private user information.

All of these apps have hundreds of thousands of downloads. According to the study, Google was made aware of the spyware and swiftly uninstalled apps infected with Face stealer.

Users who have any of these apps loaded on their smartphone should delete them immediately so that they do not collect any more personal information.

Similar cases have been recorded in the past, with Google removing hundreds of thousands of apps infected with some form of malware or another.

While Google has implemented rigorous Play store regulations in the past, such harmful spywares still make their way to the Play store on occasion.

As a result, users should exercise great caution while installing apps from the Google Play store on their Android devices.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Always download apps that are developed by official companies. It is suggested to check the name of the developer.
  • Better to check the app rating before installing.
  • Never provide access to your contacts or other details to any application.
  • Check the info page of all apps you wish to download.
  • Download apps only from official platforms like the Play Store.

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