President Uhuru Sets His Eyes On Ruto’s Hustlers

President Uhuru Sets His Eyes On Ruto’s Hustlers
President Uhuru Sets His Eyes On Ruto’s Hustlers

President Uhuru Kenyatta chaired the launch of the Bodaboda Investment Scheme (BIS). A major partnership was formed between the Boda Boda Protection Association of Kenya (BAK), the Capital Markets Authority, Rubis Energy and NABO Capital.

During the meeting, which brought together all 8 regional leaders and 47 chairmen from across the country, the President called the boda boda riders Kenya’s ‘silent miracle.’

The meeting was conducted at Pumwani Social Hall in Nairobi.

In drawing a picture of how magnanimous the association is, President Kenyatta said that the Boda Boda sector has developed into a multi-billion industry, with operators producing Sh980 million a day.

The President also claimed that the capacity of the sector is so great. It can produce more income than the overall allocation by the National Government to all 47 county governments.

President Uhuru Kenyatta went on to present his evidence. The regular output of 1.4 million riders is Ksh. 980 million. They raise Ksh regularly. 6.8B which adds up to Ksh cumulatively. 29.4 Billion every month, that translates to Ksh. 357 Billion a year.

Hope For Hustlers

However, Mr. Kenyatta decried the poor living conditions and economic hardships the riders suffer despite their contribution to the national coffers.

There is a plethora of hope for a better life for these hard-working Kenyans.The President commended the proposed creation of a trust fund to ensure that riders are protected and that investment rises.

The association aims to ensure the secure landing of 1,4 million members once they retire.

The association aims to initiate empowerment drives and develop the BAK tower to achieve these objectives.

The chairman assured the President that his membership would support the BBI report that had just been published.

Riders’ Trust Fund

To ensure only genuine riders register to the fund, all the 1.4 million riders will register through a bio-metric system.

Every association members will be required to contribute to the kitty Ksh. 50 daily in addition, they will also get a Ksh. 3 deduction at the fuel pump which will also go to the fund.

The Ksh. 50 received from 1.4 million members would amount to Ksh. 70 million per day. Then Ksh. 490 million per week, Ksh. 2.1 billion per month and Ksh. 25.2 billion per year.

This fund is sufficient to build the BAK tower they are proposing and sustain a solid empowerment scheme.

Rubis Energy will also give them a fuel card that will allow them to refuel at more than 310 Rubis refueling stations across the country. They will save Ksh 3 per transaction.

Additionally they will get a discount of Ksh. 10 per Kg of cooking gas and Ksh. 15 discount will be added on motorcycle engine oil.

To ensure all monies collected are in safe havens, the Capital Market’s Authority will guarantee the safety of the fund.

The hustler Narrative

This meeting comes only two days after President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake brother Raila Odinga gave Ksh. 3 million to the boda boda association of Kisii.

Reacting to the donation of Uhuru and Raila to Boda Boda operators, Martha Karua, the president of Narc Kenya, said, “If you can’t beat them, joining them seems to be a game!”

After details emerged that President Uhuru had planned another meeting with national boda boda officials of Friday October 23, 2020.

Ruto ‘s allies reacted in a manner that suggested that they were pacemakers, and that the president had played in their gallery, imitating what they had already invented.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Susan Kihika

Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot, another close ally of DP Ruto, stated that the Boda Boda operators have now become the most wanted persons in the country.

Finally Boda Boda riders are the most sought after group in the country. They can no longer be ignored. Cha muhimu hustlers wapate kitu.

Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot

Raila Odinga is discrediting the wheelbarrow politics. He goes ahead to say that the wheelbarrow and carts (mkokoteni) initiative championed by DP Ruto is in bad faith.

Is it the first time that you’ve dis-covered about mkokoteni people? The haves and haves not? If you’re really concerned, why give them wheelbarrows and not your helicopter?Someone would come and say we need to talk about the common man, the poor man, the Mkokoteni, the driver, and so on, but you’ve been there all this time. You haven’t flown down from heaven like an angel. You were around

Raila Odinga

The leader of the opposition also accused DP Ruto of acting like he had just fallen from heaven, because he’s been in the government for the last 8 years.

Scramble For Hustlers Vote Is On

Speaking in Uasin Gishu on Wednesday, Dr. Ruto defended his so called ‘wheelbarrow politics’, arguing it was a serious matter for millions of Kenyans.

While we’re looking for consensus among leaders, we should also look to include millions who don’t have a chance to have a meal or do business.The wheelbarrow means two different things to two different sets of people because to others it means nothing, while to millions it’s a tool that can transform lives


He insisted that although some politicians criticized him for giving out wheelbarrows, it was a tool with the potential to change the lives of millions of poor Kenyans.

Ruto remains determined that he will continue to distribute the wheelbarrows since they have proven to be life-changing equipment for the young folks who use them.

He has also promised to continue empowering saloonists, barbers, car wash operators, mama mbogas among other hustlers in the nation.

The DP has held tens of harambees across the country targeting boda boda groups in what some analysts say was a political strategy to propel his “hustler” narrative against “dynasties”

Raila Appealing To Hustlers

The ODM Chief when he hosted President Uhuru Kenyatta in his home turf of Kisumu on Thursday October 22, gave an analogy of Mr. Hilton the owner of Hilton hotels globally.

Hilton Hotels Corporation is an American multinational hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts.

Founded by Conrad Hilton in May 1919, the corporation is now led by Christopher J Nassetta.

“Hilton started as a cobbler then turned to food vending in kiosks. Later, he consolidated his business-es, sold them for a price and sought capital to build a hotel.

Today he has written off the history of a hustler going back in his life history. This is where we want to take our youths, and it cannot be achieved through wheelbarrows,” Raila said.

The analogy caught the attention of Raila’s political arch rival, DP Ruto who welcomed him to the hustler nation.

The makanga, wheelbarrow, mkokoteni, mama mboga & bodaboda guys are finally at the center of our conversation.With empowerment all of them can be like Mr. Hilton a shoe shiner who finally owned Hilton hotels. Welcome Tinga to the Hustler movement. Mahustler Tibim

Ruto said in a tweet on his social media page

The Hustler Narrative

The mushrooming unemployment and the huge youth population in the nation are the two biggest factors that favor the hustler narrative.

Kenya has a youthful population, according to the 2019 national census data , making young people a key bloc in the political battle.

The census figures show there are at least 35.7 million Kenyans (75.1 per cent) below 35 years with 32.73 million (68.9 per cent) living in the rural areas.

Data from the International Labor Organization statistics show the youth unemployment rate in Kenya stands at 7.27 per cent making them an easy target for politicians.

President Kenyatta outlined a range of measures his government has taken in his Mashujaa Day speech and subsequent meetings in Kisii and Kisumu to empower young people to take advantage of their opportunities, improving their daily operations, innovation and technology.

If our attention goes to the bad and the ugly, all energy flows to the negative, and we become a nation of people who are angry and disappointed. But young people, who will embrace the positive and the possible, will emerge as heroes and ‘maker of things.

President Uhuru

BBI & Youths

In the BBI report that his Deputy William Ruto opposes, the President and Raila have yet another incentive for young people to propose a proposal to grant new university graduates a grace period of four years before starting to repay their HELB loans.

Kimilli MP Didmus Barasa has faulted the proposal with claims they have a better deal for the youths.

“The Ruto campaign team has a robust approach on how they will transform university funding for all students pursuing undergraduate degrees. They have tried to steal our idea but still they are off the mark,” Kimilli MP Didmus Barasa, a key Ruto ally, said.

In conclusion

The scramble for the youthful vote is real, the two protagonist sides’ one led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga and the other led by Deputy President William Ruto has no option but to entice this populous voting bloc.

For the youths and their leaders they only have one option, to maximizes the gains that comes with the campaigning era and bargain for the best deals that shall last them for their entire future, otherwise when the campaigns shall be over, the scramble shall be over.