Tea Master, Mr. Xie Visits Meru Farmers

Tea master Xie paid Meru County a courtesy call. The Governor Kiraitu Murungi took the delegation of Chinese investors in the tea sector, on a guided tour of tea production in the County.

investors took keen interest in tea farming regions of Kiegoi ,Michii Mikuru

Governor Kiraitu is banking on the Chinese Companies large market share of tea in parts of North Africa. Chinese companies are major suppliers of tea to North Africa countries,tea that comes all the way from China.

The County government of Meru will seek to establish partnerships between local factories, Meru County farmers, and Chinese companies

The tour culminated into a visit of Githongo Tea Factory where the team sampled the best taste of Meru Tea.

The Chinese delegation was led by a world renowned leader on tea matters Mr. Xie Yongzhong “alias Tea Master”.

Mr. Xie Yongzhong heads tea marketing and trade in China.

He said they were very happy to explore tea production in the County.

This is expected to be a major boost to farming Meru.

Xie Zhizhang Oolong Tea

The art of preparing and enjoying Oolong tea.  Xie Zhizhang, a Taiwanese tea master, describes the extraordinary and incredible tea philosophy. She explains that making an exquisite and perfect Oolong tea isn’t easy.

It requires learning and applying an exceptional and distinctive technique, where it is essential to use all our senses. 

Along the video, she shares some amazing tips and unique recommendations in order to enjoy and prepare a wonderful cup of this delicious tea.

Discovering the culture behind this unknown and distinctive art is rewarding.

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