Analysis: How Kenyatta won over a foe and lost his deputy

Analysis: How Kenyatta won over a foe and lost his deputy
Analysis: How Kenyatta won over a foe and lost his deputy

President Uhuru Kenyatta explained himself on endorsing Deputy President William Ruto for the top seat come 2022.

Speaking at a meeting at the Sagana Stage Lodge with the leaders of Mt Kenya, Uhuru said he made no commitment to anybody except a pact with the people of Kenya.

He continued that he is working on promises he made to Kenyans at the moment and that he does not have time to spare.

Some people keep saying I made a promise to them, no, i only have a promise and
covenant with the people of Kenya. That is the promise I am implementing

President Uhuru Kenya

Instead of letting him end his term without complications, Uhuru also lashed out at DP Ruto for giving him a rough time.

Ask your guy why he can’t allow me to do my work and keeps coming back for the baton

President Uhuru Kenyatta

I Will Not Endorse Ruto

He also gave another clear signal that he would not support Ruto for the top seat in the region.

I don’t have a fight with anybody. It is God who determines who will become president via his people and their votes

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Additionally, President Uhuru stated that those involved in his backyard’s votes; the area of Mt Kenya to gain them in the correct manner rather than using malicious means.

Anyone who is interested and genuinely interested in our region and family must use the
front door. We must be aware of the one who wants to use the kitchen door or the bedroom

President Uhuru Kenyatta

The Head of State maintained that as he leaves office he wants to leave it to someone who will take good care of his people.

No Crook In Office

“As I leave office, I want to make sure that i leave you in a better place than I found you. Those coming to tell you bad things about me and telling you to reject what I am proposing, ask them what they are offering in alternative,” he affirmed.

During the same meeting, Uhuru insisted on unity noting that what happened in 2007 should not repeat itself in the coming future all because of cheap politics.

“It is important to remind you of where we have come from, since 2007, you all know what happened, I don’t want to repeat that story. I remember how some of you seated here were so against our decisions to look for unity in 2007,” he said.

He also told off his critics for bragging about projects that he oversaw from State House.

You hear them from top of the vehicles brag about what has been done: roads, water, education as if such work is done from those rallies. That work is done from state house, where you sent me. Tell them to stop milking with my ‘nappier grass.

President Uhuru Kenyatta