Deputy President Vs The Deep state

Deputy President William Ruto spoke on a variety of issues related to his position as the first DP under the 2010 constitution.

DP Ruto has also suggested reasons for his bitter fallout with President Uhuru Kenyatta. This left him playing a ‘spectator’ role in the government.

It’s different from being a DP where you’re not elected in an electorate. I’ve had more time to represent Kenya than previous VPs. I ‘m pleased with this administration

Deputy President Ruto

Juniors Scolding Him

He doesn’t mind junior people calling him names.Deputy President Ruto thinks that there’s something wrong about juniors bullying their seniors.

“Politics is different from a church service,” he added in an apparent reference to Interior CS Dr Fred Matiang’i whom his camp has on many occasions accused of insubordination.

On his sidelining in the day-to-day running of government, Ruto said he is not bothered as it is the prerogative of the President to assign duties.

“I have been called a spectator, a guy running a big office without power. I want to say that my job is a constitutional duty to assist the President. Any job I have been given by the President I have done well.”

“It is the President who assigns duties and when he assigns duties to others, and they do it, I am happy with it. My life is easy. You have not heard me complain,” Ruto said.

The Great Fallout

Ruto would also appear to brush off the divide between him and Uhuru saying that the situation between the latter and himself is one that is agreed upon. 

In the first term, it was UhuRuto.In the second term, we want to build a legacy for the President. I am the DP and I know my place.

“We have a solid legacy as Jubilee administration around infrastructure, electricity, education. We are focused and want to deliver on our commitment,” he said.


On the handshake between UhuRaila, Deputy President Ruto noted that it had introduced different dynamics to management of issues. Adding that politics has a way of creating negative energy that creates diversionary issues around the intended goal.

KEMSA Scandal

Concerning the KEMSA scandal, Ruto would reiterate on his position where he earlier in the week accused Raila of ‘shifting position’ and issuing ambiguous statements on the same. 

This is as he reprimanded the government agencies entrusted with fighting graft for what he termed as ‘politicization and sensationalization’ of the anti-graft war.

“My position is very consistent. I have been opposed to criminal investigations being profiled in the media. I am against drama. Let EACC, DCI, DPP do their work

Deputy President Ruto

The Deep State

On the so-called ‘deep state‘, Ruto would seem to blame the proliferation of the narrative on Raila who has been a perennial elections loser.

There is a fallacy, a narrative that elections are not won, they are stolen. Some people cannot live with the reality that one can lose an election so they create a bogeyman called deep state


“The best way to find out if an election was rigged is to subject it to due process. From where I sit, it is not easy to rig an election and get away with it,” the Deputy President said.

He added: “We need to unpack the ‘winner takes it all‘ notion.We must ensure all elections are credible.

Those who win in an election work for all, even those who voted against them. Those who lose provide oversight which is also important.”

The Genesis Of The Great Fallout

A story is told of a wolf that human spectators jeer at for being outstripped by the hare which he was pursuing.

The wolf, however, in a classical response replies that they (spectators) should bear in mind the difference between the two contestants. “I was merely running for my dinner, but he (hare) was running for his life”.

The short fable perhaps best describes the divide between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto. This is fueled further by the county revenue share formula whose vote has now been adjourned nine times.

Speaking in Nairobi on Friday while issuing title deeds to a section of Embakasi, Korogocho and Mbagathi residents, Uhuru for the first time publicly made clear his stand on the divisive revenue allocation formula.

This is not my money so that people can say Uhuru has done this and that; this formula came from the CRA and it has gone to the Senate so that the allocation can be done in a fair manner

President Uhuru

Truth & Justice

He added: “Truth and justice will prevail and I have no quarrels or arguments with anyone.”

The President went on to fault those proposing alternative formulae. He was noting that the counties being taunted as rich have people living in biting poverty.

Why would someone in Embakasi and Korogocho who uses flying toilets be told that they are rich? That they have no right to get more money?

President Uhuru

Win-Win Formula

DP Ruto on the other hand called on the Senate to come up with a ‘win-win’ formula.

It is only fair that when we are looking at the formula, the bigger counties with huge populations should get more resources. But at the same time, we should not forget the small counties. We should also consider the counties that have been marginalised. We need to find a formula in which even if their allocation will reduce, it does so in a way that they will not be affected

Deputy President Ruto

The two leaders’ respective statements indicate that they are pulling in different directions as regards to the final formula that should be used to allocate funds to the counties.

Varying positions on the issue is not by accident, but design.

Just like the wolf and the hare, Uhuru and Ruto, have different reasons for their pulling to the opposite directions. While Uhuru is keen on his legacy, Ruto’s eyeballs are set on 2022.


CRA Formula

President Uhuru’s push for the CRA formula is seen more as an attempt to try and win back his Mt Kenya backyard.

This is where he continues to face fierce backlash occasioned by among other things, accusations of sidelining the region development-wise.

The CRA formula, if adopted, will see most of the region’s counties get more revenue allocation. That in itself is a big plus for Uhuru and his legacy in the region. Charity begins at home, he can argue.

It should also be noted that Uhuru stands to lose nothing by pushing for this formula.

Good or bad, as long as it assures him that on his way to retirement at Ichaweri he won’t be stoned by angry Kiambu residents accusing him of not fighting for their interests when he was in power.

He is the wolf who is just after dinner.

Deputy President Ruto’s Dilemma

Deputy President Ruto, on the other hand, like the hare, this is a matter of life and death!

He must tread carefully while attempting to strike a delicate balance.

He simply cannot afford to take sides. It would come with a costly price to his 2022 presidential ambitions in terms of voters’ support.

That is why he insists on a ‘win-win’ formula.

Now you get the drill as to why the county revenue share divide between the two is a contest of the wolf and the hare.

The clueless spectators either cheering the hare or jeering the wolf from the periphery are unaware why the two ‘animals’ are running at the pace they are doing.