How To Reactivate Simcard That’s Deactivated

How To Reactivate Simcard That's Deactivated
How To Reactivate Simcard That's Deactivated

Simcard is deactivated and the number is recycled if the mobile number associated with it is no longer used.

This article discusses the various circumstances that can lead to the deactivation of a Simcard.

In the following circumstances, a sim card is deactivated:

  1. You changed your phone number to a different provider (port out)
  2. The sim card has been revoked due to fraud or abuse.
  3. The simcard is no longer active.

It should be noted that a simcard declared lost or stolen is deactivated to prevent unauthorized use, but its number is immediately transferred to a replacement simcard.

As a result, the information in this article is inapplicable to simcards that have been declared lost or stolen.

When Does It Become Inactive?

When a simcard has not been used in the last 6 months, it is deactivated.

To prevent deactivation, perform any of the following actions at least once every six months:

  1. Make at least one phone call, SMS, or MMS to a different number (This does not including calls to Emergency Services or Member Services).
  2. Make at least one internet connection using your mobile data.
  3. Purchase at least one Airtime Credit.

These conditions are in place to prevent the deactivation of members’ phone numbers who have little or no activity on the Community or who are active on the Community but do not use their simcard frequently.

Is It Possible For Me To Reactivate My simcard?

It is not possible to reactivate a simcard once it has been deactivated.

Furthermore, deactivating the line returns the associated phone number to the pool of available phone numbers.

As a result, keeping the phone number associated with a deactivated simcard is impossible.

When a line is likely to be deactivated for inactivity, we will send a first communication one month before the deactivation of your line.

If there is still no activity with this simcard a second email is sent roughly 48 hours before to warn the member they only have a short time left to act.

If none of the necessary actions to keep the SIM active are performed then the SIM deactivation procedure will be initiated.