William Ruto Secret As A ‘Hustlers Clerk’

William Ruto Secret As A 'Hustlers Clerk'
William Ruto Secret As A 'Hustlers Clerk'

Hustlers clerk is a fake alias that William Ruto acquired to fool majority of middleclass to poor Kenyans.

William Ruto is always selling himself as hustlers clerk . If he is not buying roasted maize, bananas on the roadside then he is at an ordinary joint drinking tea, or in a grass-thatched and mud-walled homes of the elderly connecting electricity.

What many Kenyans don’t know are the events happening behind the scenes.

Not long afterwards, the name of the person who would usually roast maize for him was discovered to be one of his trusted security guards.

It wasn’t long before the name of the lady who regularly sold him bananas was made clear to the media.

This isn’t isolated from what happened in Kiambu County.

Fake Hustler Clerk?

A few months ago, Deputy President William Ruto made an impromptu stopover in Kikuyu, where he searched for tea and mandazi.

He was joined by Nakuru Senator, Kihika Kimani Dynasty (Ms) and Kikuyu MP, Kimani Ichungwa Dynasty.

As usual Ruto online battalion went to town big-time, describing him as a down to the ground man who dines with the lowest in the society.

The photos and video backed up the narrative that sold out.

There were, however, several facts which the fake hustlers clerk troopers omitted and deliberately so.

The Tea Kiosk

The “tea kiosk” is owned by a guy called Symo wa Mary (Mukurino) the gentleman in a white turban next to the DP.

Symo Wa Mary with the fake hustler
Symo Wa Mary

Symo is the NG-CDF Secrtary, Kikuyu Constituency and Ichungwa’s righthand man. He is based at the MP’s office where he has worked for the past seven years.

Picking his hotel to host William Ruto was not just a sudden works of mind, not a coincidence but well planned.

So well planned that the tea and mandazi served to William Ruto and his entourage was prepared in Symo’s home and taken to the Kiosk.

Everything was set up for the moment of the rolling and clicking cameras and boom!! Sadly, we all swallowed the PR from the self proclaimed hustlers clerk.

The Cabbage Man

Exit Symo, enters his brother Samuel Njuguna and the hustlers clerk story gets more interesting.

Njuguna is this guy in a green dust coat taking William Ruto through “his” cabbage farm in Kikuyu last week. He and Symo are brothers.

Njuguna and William Ruto at the cabbage farm.

Njuguna is a painter at Gitaru where he resides. But on this day he was conviniently conducting William Ruto on a visit to a small water dam constructed in their family farm at Nachu where William.Ruto also bought some cabbages as we were told.

The dam is constructed in their farm by the government, just like 100,000 other such dams across the country to harvest rain water and supply it to other farmers.

Ofcourse, just like picking the hotel to host William Ruto, the choice of the farm to construct the dam and take the benefits thereof was not a coincidence.

Deliberate Hustlers Clerk PR Stunts

It was as deliberate as deliberate sounds.

Next visit William Ruto makes in Kikuyu, he will be launching a small milk cooling plant and will probably to photographed milking a heifer to show “government” commitment in boosting dairy industry.

You can guess the two brothers who will be the owners of the milk cooler and the heifer, and of course the small godfather behind them.

Hustler ni wewe!!