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Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe On Citizen TV

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Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe poked fun at Deputy Chairman William Ruto. Murathe feels that Ruto’s claims that he was responsible for the ongoing fighting within the ruling party,is just pure nonsense.

David Murathe accuses DP Ruto of being obsessed by his selfish ambition to replace President Kenyatta in 2022. Murathe says that he Ruto is responsible for his own struggles.

Mambo bado, ni kionjo tu. You wait, atajua hajui … we ‘re going to prove to him that he’s not as smart as he believes

David Murathe,Jubilee Party Vice Chair

“We don’t care who’s going to be a president but we’re focusing on who will never be a president.”

“In 2022 there will be new political formations. I’m hoping we will be on the same side with the Rt Hon. Former Prime Minister as Jubilee. I know the ‘Tuko sote pamoja’ wing may have other ideas. That’s why we are saying the sooner they ship out the better” –

“When the Party Leader expresses himself on an issue that is the party’s position. If he (Ruto) doesn’t like it he should ship out…”

Ruto Vs Uhuru

Murathe further noted that the tensions between President Kenyatta and DP Ruto began well before the 2017 elections.

He also alleged that DP Ruto tried to exploit the 2017 Jubilee primaries by handing out party tickets to candidates who supported his 2022 presidential bid while locking out those he deemed to be a challenge to his ambitions in the State House.

He also alleged that DP Ruto tried to exploit the 2017 Jubilee primaries.He was handing out party tickets to candidates endorsing his 2022 presidential bid while locking out those he saw as a challenge to his ambitions in the State House.

In an interview with the same station on Thursday, DP Ruto identified Murathe as one of the busy bodies, conmen, and brokers who had seized the Jubilee party.

Jubilee is no longer operating as a party. To shape Jubilee we folded about 12 political parties. Regrettably, busybodies, conmen, and brokers like David Murathe have hijacked the party and they have no idea about our philosophy. Their statement is now the stance of the party.

William Ruto


“We are calling on all those who have information on KEMSA & the ‘COVID billionaires’ to come forward. They need to appear before the Parliamentary Health Committees to state what they know to help in the investigation”-

“People go to church and swear before God and men until death do us part but still end up divorcing”,-

“I’m calling on Kenyans to consider the Right Honorable Former Prime Minister as the transitional leader come 2022” –

“Nobody chased Ruto and Co. from Jubilee House. They left out of their own volition and went to form Jubilee Asili Centre”

“Anyone who thinks that money has been lost should come forward. To state how much has been stolen ? Who stole it? And the evidence they have that can support the enforcement agencies.”

Ruto Is Corrupt

“William Ruto was the broker for Thwake dam contractor which had quoted Ksh 3B higher than all bidders.”

“President Kenyatta will not endorse a successor in 2022 poll.

Jubilee Vice Chair Murathe says DP Ruto ‘racing without a relay baton.”

“The less said about Tonny the better, everybody knows the history of Tonny Gachoka. Tonny’s family and my family were both in the wines and spirits business, Tonny ran down the family business…”

“What is being called a scandal is doing so much harm in this country.

When everyone speaks about corruption in the health sector, they impact millions of other services that are funded by our international partners.”

Ruto To Ditch Jubilee Party

Ruto also indicated that he was preparing to ditch Jubilee and form his party before the 2022 elections.

“When the President disagreed with Kanu, he formed TNA, and when I did with ODM, I created URP. There are always choices in politics, and I will use them at the right time, “he said.

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